May 7, 2024

What Life Wants…

Life wants to become more.

That’s it. That’s fundamentally what it’s up to.

And you are life… you’re not separate.

So life wants you to become more. It demands that you grow and evolve, or you die. You may not drop dead physically, but internally if you’re not consistently expanding, you die inside.

And being dead inside is hell.

Being fully alive means you’re growing. Having a ‘good day’ means you grew in some way or another. A ‘bad day’ means you didn’t… and you know it.

There is reward and punishment built into the system. You get rewarded with feel goods when you grow. You suffer when you don’t.

If you mold yourself to this reality, you thrive. If you don’t, you’re on a path toward suicide.

Ask yourself this…

Throughout the day ask yourself “what does life want me to become right now?”

Answers will come.

Do / be it. Adjust and execute.

Rinse and repeat.

Enjoy all the rewards. Or not… it’s up to you. It’s this choice that makes being human beautiful.