October 23, 2023

The Purpose of this website…

The idea for this site came to me in 2016. A million ideals rushed into my mind. What felt like authentic inspiration.

But along the way things changed. I devolved. Instead of true inspiration, visions of grandeur and being on a some kind of intellectual and spiritual pedestal filled my monkey mind. And with that authentic inspiration was cut off.

Funny how that works.

There’s a deep life lesson at play here that hopefully one day I can articulate to myself and gain crystal-clear clarity on.

The initial vision was rooted in my spiritual growth as a man. I wanted to transcend my default state and merge into something more. I wanted to be my ‘best self.’ My TRUE self. The self found in this present moment. Not the shit-tier self that is a record of a past filled with depression, disappointment, and inadequacy.

What went wrong?

It has become clear to me what went wrong. The inspiration was for me and me only. Even the name Untroubled & Strong came because I knew my default was troubled and weak.

I’m writing to myself right now. I have no illusions of grandeur that anyone should read any of this. If someone reads this and gains value, that’s great. But it’s not the purpose.

The purpose is this site is for me to spiritually grow. I want to reach my full potential, whatever that is and wherever that takes me. I want to be connected to God. I want to live in accordance a the higher will.

I NEED this creative outlet. I am committed to truth and light. I pray for humility to stay the course.

Thank you God for giving me a second chance. See you tomorrow.