🗓️ June 21, 2019

Pro-tip… stop trying to wrap your mind around life

When you attempt to wrap your mind around what life is, you stop experiencing it for what it actually is.

The human tendency, especially for “smart” people, is to build philosophies and beliefs in an erroneous attempt to “figure it out.” You desperately want a conclusion, a nicely worded aphorism, that concludes “Life is….. THIS!” Awwwww… finally you’ve figure out the mystery fully.

But whenever you do this, deep down you know it isn’t ‘it.’ The mystery of existence is far too big for it to have a conclusion.

This is where the term “stuck in your head” comes from. You’re not living life, you’re building beliefs. Constantly swimming in your own mind trying to maneuver puzzle pieces of conceptualized reality until they all come together into one coherent picture. This is the philosophers erroneous quest. On some level, we are all philosophers.

The puzzle never gets completed. The honest “mental masturbator” aka philosopher / theologian / apologists / believer has their puzzle completely ruined on a regular basis. More parts of reality get discovered that don’t quite ‘fit’ into previous conceptualized conclusions.

So what happens next? You either give up, or go deeper and deeper into darkness and inner turmoil.

Wisdom is giving up. Wisdom is admitting the truth… “I do not know.” It’s this moment when you finally become alive again. Truly alive. You’ve stopped attempting to fit life into a mental construct. You’re no longer building beliefs. Finally you’re just alive, which you find is good enough.

This moment is good enough. It’s more than enough.