August 4, 2019

Huge distinction… set your vibe not your mind

Far too much importance has been placed upon mindset.

Attempting to create your mindset will drive you crazy because you’ll always be in-reaction to the negative turns and twists the mind naturally takes. You’ll be at war with your own mind… a terrible place to be. You want your mind working for you, not against you. Creating a fight within yourself doesn’t work.

The mind can’t be set, actually. It is impossible. It is a machine that does it’s own thing. Not really under your control. It scours the environment. It roams. It can’t really be contained and it can’t be set.

Fools who talk about mindset haven’t payed much attention to their own mind. Because if they did, they wouldn’t be talking about it. They’d know it was an impossible task to set the mind. They’d be forced to admit that they were never successful at setting their own mind.

What can be set is your vibe. Your vibe is your vibrational state. Sounds woo woo but anyone with any internal sense can feel it’s true. I suspect that scientifically it can be measured through hormonal profiles.

You can set your vibe so it’s pulsating with positivity. Think of a light bulb that gets cranked up and emits stronger rays. This is exactly what you can do with your vibe.

Your Vibe Comes First

What comes first, your mind or your vibe? The answer is your vibe. When you set your vibe in a positive direction your mind naturally follows. It still does it’s own thing, but overall it follows along. It works for you. It is no longer a problem.

Crank up your light (vibe) and you’ll find your mind naturally in the right place. Your mind will be working for you, producing well-being, and finding answers to problems that matter.

Every morning, your task is to set your vibe. Crank up your light and set your vibe. Forget about setting your mind, it can’t be done.