May 31, 2023

Overcoming Fear…

The fundamental force that holds you back from living fully is fear. We’re all interested in overcoming this, whether we’re conscious of it or not. We all want life more abundant.

There are different kinds of fears. Instinctual fear, like the fear of heights, can be there for legitimate reasons. That’s not what is being addressed here. Because when you’re human… fear can go FAR beyond instinct. It can completely take over your psyche and rule your entire life path. This fear isn’t about snakes or bridges… this is even more fundamental.


When you were a child, the only fear you experienced was instinctual. But along the journey of life, you pick up ideas, beliefs and recorded situations that saturate your mind. Aka Fear. These fears get stored away and stuck until you face them head-on with the light of awareness.

Fortunately, overcoming fear isn’t complicated. It just takes a keen awareness of what causes it and a willingness and internal bravery to face it.

So what’s the awareness that allows you to overcome fear? Seeing through two delusions:

  • Attachment to outcome
  • False sense of control

Attachment to outcome

Fear arises when we attach ourselves to predetermined outcomes we make up in our own minds. You want a girl to be attracted to you. That’s attachment, and you will naturally be creating fear simultaneously alongside with it… Fear that your predetermined outcome won’t happen.

There are any number of examples like this. Pay attention through the day and see for yourself. You need to see them in real-time and notice the fundamental pattern. The is a practice, not a silver bullet.

False sense of control

The other delusion that creates fear is operating under a false sense of control. When you’re pretending or demanding to control things you cannot control, there will be fear.

The fear of death is the ultimate fear. Where does it derive from? False sense of control. You want to control reality…you want to control life… but you can’t. Fear naturally arises.

Let go of the delusions. See these patterns pop up through life. Address and face them with the light of consciousness. One of the best tools to use is a journal. Write down your fears everyday. You’ll easily start seeing the pattern. Attachment to outcome and/or false sense of control. Face it and let go.

Now you’re living life full on. No fear. Just life.