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Meditation for centered strength

By Sam Lloyd

In human life there’s the default, and there’s the ideal.

The default comes from past conditioning (societal, family, experiences). The ideal comes from your spirit (who you really are).

The default is internal weakness. The ideal is internal strength.

The default is feeling troubled. The ideal is feeling centered.

Wrong action comes from the default. Right action comes from the ideal.

The default is a weed patch. The ideal is a beautiful garden.

If you want to be centered and strong you have go beyond the default and create the ideal.

Here’s how.

Here’s a meditation that works. Use it daily, even if for just a few moments. But obviously the more the better.

Take deep breaths. On the inhale say to yourself “may I be centered.” On the exhale say to yourself “may I be strong.”


Putting these statements into question format locks them into your mind. Your mind is programmed / forced to answer questions. It can’t help itself.

Feel what it’s like to be centered with every inhale. Feel what it’s like to be strong with every exhale.

What you’re doing is taking internal action. You’re going beyond the default and creating momentum toward the ideal… a spiritual quest. The garden is slowly being cultivated. External results come next.

Find time to do this everyday, watch what happens. You’ll find yourself becoming centered and strong. More and more.

Centered strength. Untroubled & Strong. This is life worth living.