🗓️ December 12, 2020

Creative & physical outlets are very important

Confession: I’ve neglected this project. I haven’t written anything in years.

My focus has been 100% about making money, and obviously Untroubled & Strong isn’t about that.

This year has been an incredible journey. My income has skyrocketed and investments have gone amazingly. One million dollars is now associated with my name. Pretty cool seeing success happen after so much effort.

However, I’ve come to realize happiness / contentedness, which is what we’re all really after, requires more than just success. Happiness has to be accompanied by a creative and physical outlet… daily.

In an interview with Sadhguru, someone asks him how to have happy children. His answer was simple and blunt. The gist of it was “kids need a physical and creative outlet, give them that and they are naturally happy.” He recommended dance or sports and music specifically.

It dawned on me… that’s exactly what adults need too. We’re no different.

The past couple of years I’ve neglected a creative outlet. Writing has always been my creative outlet. It someone organizes my mind when I put things into words. It gives me a centered sense of peace.

I’m breaking the momentum with this post… or lack of momentum, where I have neglected having a consistent creative outlet. Going forward, I’m going to use this blog as my creative outlet. No agenda… just life.