🗓️ April 25, 2021

Before you have it, close your eyes and imagine it

You have the power to create. You have the ability to imagine. This power is ON at all times, even during sleep. This power is life force. The only question is, how are you using it?

Are you creating what you want? Are you imagining what you want? Or are you in a perpetual cycle of creating what you already have, and imagining what you already have… the good and the bad.

Before you have it, close your eyes and imagine it.

The “law of attraction” is simply explained with that phrase. Anything you want is within your reach, otherwise you wouldn’t want it. But first, you must put yourself there. You must consciously engage your imagination and point it toward what you want. Once you’ve done this enough, to the point where it feels more real than the real, it will happen.

So what do you want? That’s the question. Seems simple. But most people have no idea what they want, actually. They have vague conceptions with no specifics. That isn’t concentrated power.

If you sit with this question long enough, for days weeks months and even years, your answer will arise. Once you actually know exactly what you want, getting it becomes simple. And it will feel like it ‘just happens.’ Situations will arise, and reality will change.

Before you have it, close your eyes and imagine it. Use your life force to CREATE. Put yourself in a place where you already have it. Do this enough, and it will happen.

This is the spiritual reality behind physical reality. Physical reality is dictated by the spirit. Physical reality is dictated by life force. Use it wisely.

How are you using your life force right now? Are you using is consciously, carefully crafting your experience of life moment to moment? Or are you squandering your power in an unconscious effort to keep things familiar.

Determine what you want with clarity. Sit with it. Make a practice to imagine it every morning. Keep this energy throughout the day. Do this over and over until it becomes REAL TO YOU and soon it will become real to everyone.

God, or “the all,” wants you to have exactly what you want so let go of the limitations. But you gotta go first.

Be it NOW.