June 17, 2019

About Untroubled & Strong

Hello there. I’m Sam Lloyd. Untroubled & Strong is my brain child that has emerged out of a long and complicated journey of personal development.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane so you can see what I mean…

I was raised in a micro-sized town in the middle of nowhere. Growing up I had serious depression & anxiety. At age 14 I was even suicidal. At the time I couldn’t understand what was going on, I just knew life didn’t feel good.

I was raised in a radical Christian sect called Seventh Day Adventist. Being raised SDA majorly messed me up. I was taught to fear everything. The world was a bad place, ruled by the devil, and the ‘end times’ were just around the corner. There would be a final allegiance ‘test’ to keep Saturday as THE sabbath while the rest of ‘the world’ would be banning together to execute & enforce ‘Sunday laws.’ Torture and martyrdom was your fate unless you ‘ran to the hills’ and hid until Jesus came.

This narrative and accompanying whacky ideologies were pumped into my head from the start. I couldn’t understand why life didn’t feel good then, but now it’s pretty damn obvious. I was the recipient of a doomsday cult brainwashing. Lucky me. 🙂

When I wasn’t enduring religious brainwashing from my well-intentioned parents, I was playing sports. I was a great athlete. The star of my little town. That all came to a crashing halt in high school when I was forced to give it all up to ‘keep the sabbath.’ Games were on Saturdays, and I needed to strengthen my faith for the end times. More pain.

I began the process of analyzing my way out of religion completely when I went away for college. I never went to the SDA church again. It didn’t take too long before I realized and admitted “I don’t believe it.” However, deep down I still harbored a lot of fear, guilt, and depression that had been cemented into the deeper parts of my subconscious mind. My experience of life still didn’t feel good and I wanted to fix it.

I ran into “As a Man Thinketh” at age 18. The book opened up a whole new possibility for me. For the first time I realized I had the power to truly change my experience of life. This set me on a whole new path of personal development and introspection.

For over 15 years now I’ve been on a journey toward becoming Untroubled & Strong. I’ve been determined to crack-the-code on how to become happy and successful. How do you overcome suffering and weakness and step into strength and power? Finding answers has been my quest.

Grow Your Power

Becoming Untroubled & Strong boils down to growing your power. Becoming the CEO of your experience of life and getting your mind, emotion, and body to take instruction from YOU, not the other way around.

Sounds simple, and fundamentally it is. However, the rabbit hole goes deep.

When you grow your internal power, external power naturally follows. You have the power to create your life from the inside out.

Untroubled & Strong Mission:

This site is for me. It’s my art. It’s an intrinsically motivated venture. I don’t care if anyone reads anything I write. I’m doing this for the sake of doing it. I have no attachment to any outcome. BUT, if it helps others along the way, that’s great too.

Here are my intentions for the project:

Hone writing skill: when you’re a great writer you have a superpower. I want to be great.

Develop thinking: there’s no better way to develop your thinking than writing. This translates everywhere in life.

Craft timeless: create content that will withstand the test of time. The subject matter will be readable in 100 years just like it is today.

Transformative: create content that transforms the reader. I’m striving to be persuasive.


Life boils down to 4 fundamentals: body, mind, emotion, lifestyle. Growing your power enables you to take charge of them all. Here’s what we’re doing around here…

Body: Engineer a healthy, athletic, aesthetic body.

Mind: Cultivate a creative, articulate, aligned mind.

Emotion: Carry a happy, fun, charismatic vibe.

Connection: Create meaningful relationships and understand women.

Lifestyle: Enjoy an abundant, free, love-based life.

Writing Themes

I’m sure my writing will evolve over time. I never want to be beholden to anything. Some stuff I write will be the equavalent of a pop song from Justin Timberlake, other times it might take the form of an orchestra. However, here are some themes you’ll find that will persist.

Intention: Intention is the man behind the curtain.

Gratitude: Living in gratitude makes life worth it.

Action: Specifics on what to do.

Creativity: Connecting dots and creating something new.

Power: Your power is found NOW, are you aware of it?

Companies & Projects

Part of my quest has been to create financial freedom. This is also what frees up my creativity for this site. I make my money elsewhere… not through Untroubled & Strong.

Digital marketing is what I do. I own an agency and other online properties. I invite you to check them out.

Win online: Klicker is my digital marketing agency. We do everything it takes to get clients get more traffic, more leads, and more sales. I’m proud to say that the Klicker team has an incredible track-record. We crush for our clients.

I’m a huge fan of doodles. My labradoodle buddy is definitely my best friend. I decided to build a whole brand around labradoodles and since then it’s blown up into something way bigger than I ever anticipated. Uptown Puppies is what happens when the best breeders join forces to deliver the most amazing dogs. Check it out.

Find a Superior Surgeon. Women all across the country are looking for the BEST plastic surgeon. Perki will help them get through the weeds and get connected with the best. Random niche, but it just made sense. Check it out.

Finding the right lawyer can be a huge hassle. Legal Legends helps people find an attorney that will be right for them. Check it out.

Plans for the Site

I’m committed to creating content with the written word. Who knows what will spawn from there. I’m also committed to creating my first book, Coffee Shop Millionaire where I will detail how to get rich with nothing but WiFi and a laptop.

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If you’d like to contact me directly, feel free to shoot an email to sam @ untroubledandstrong.com. See you soon!