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June 8th Principles

14 ways to ensure the good times keep rolling

By Sam Lloyd

When you start doing the right things, life becomes amazing. Results start pouring in and you become ecstatic. You really ARE the creator of your experience of life. You’re making more money, you’ve dropped the body fat, you own your schedule, and you’ve attracted the girl of your dreams.

This can be scary to the pre-conditioned part of your mind. Life is finally going how YOU want it, and because of this suspicion sets in. “This can’t last… it’s too good to be true…” Some part of you says.

People hit this point all the time and revert back to their old ways. Laziness, old behaviors, negative emotional patterns and unconscious living in-general.

Life can’t be this good… right?

Actually yes, it can. You just have to keep doing the right things. It’s cause and effect, and YOU must keep setting the right causes into motion.

So let’s put our mind at ease… Here are the 14 ways to ensure the good times keep rolling. Keep setting these causes into motion and the results are yours to keep.

1. Stick to your morning routine

The morning routine is paramount to living the good life. You can’t just roll out of bed, stumble through the day, and expect things to work out well.

They won’t work out well.

The default is always weeds, not a beautiful garden and without a morning routine all you’ll ever get is the default. You must cultivate yourself everyday.

A proper morning routine enables you to find your power, set your intentions, and create an inner state of being that will make the day count.

Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? How do you want to feel?

Everyday needs to start out by consciously creating yourself.

2. Keep Eating with a Plan

The modern world allows us to eat whatever we want. Previous generations didn’t have the choices we have. There are unlimited choices at unlimited quantities. Most people’s instincts are to over-eat. This is showcased by the fact that over 70% of Americans are now overweight or obese (2019).

Navigating the modern world means eating with a plan. No, you can’t just eat whatever the hell you fell like. You must create a plan, and stick to that plan. The plan doesn’t have to be perfect, but there must be a plan.

3. Keep Getting 10,000+ steps per day

Movement is life. Stillness is death.

If you want to be more alive, you must move more. It’s that simple.

This is a fundamental reality of being human. We have to move, and we have to move often.

Set a personal standard to get 10,000+ steps a day, everyday. Make it a top priority and stick to it. After-all, you want the good times to keep rolling, right?

4. Keep Lifting weights

Lifting weights just feels good. Obviously we want to be as aesthetic and athletic as possible, but lifting provides so much more than that.

Lifting makes you a centered, stable human-being. It increases your manliness by ramping up sex hormones. It keeps your sex-drive sky high, and it makes you a more powerful person.

To put it simply, lifting weights is awesome. Keep lifting consistently if you want the good life.

5. Keep Getting sunlight

It’s simple: sunlight produces well-being. If you want to keep the good times rolling, ensure you’re getting out into the sun at least 20 minutes a day.

Make it a top priority. Hell, even move to Southern California if you have to (that’s what I did). It’s that important.

6. Keep Taking cold showers

Part of a proper morning routine is a nice cold shower.

Cold showers wake you up. When you do them consistently they make you strong, mentally. They are like heavy deadlifts for you will. You become someone who can face discomfort with ease. This is a super power.

Getting cold, every single day, is part of the formula for health, and it’s also part of the formula for a good life. Don’t ease up and let the habit go by the way side. Do it daily if you want to keep the good times rolling.

7. Keep Fasting

Intermittent fasting is foundational for living the good life. It’s a habit that will keep you healthy and lean for life.

Tons of research is coming out about the incredible health benefits of fasting. This research further reinforces that it should be permanently solidified into your lifestyle.

Don’t make it complicated, just do it. Somedays you can fast 16 hours, somedays 20, somedays 24. The more in-tune you are with your body, the easier it will be to know what’s right that day.

It will be tempting to fall out of the intermittent fasting lifestyle. But keep it up if you want the good times to keep rolling.

8. Keep Cultivating gratitude

Gratitude is healing. Gratitude makes life worth it. Bluntly speaking, if you’re not grateful, you’re living in darkness. If you’re not grateful, you’re missing life completely… actually.

Cultivating gratitude should be a daily priority and something you continuously ‘check in’ with yourself about. Are you grateful? Do you realize how amazing life is?

Make gratitude a MUST and do whatever it takes to never forget.

What could you be grateful for right now if you had to be? Quickly think of 5 things and bask in this powerful emotion. Now, commit to doing this on a daily basis.

Gratitude = good times. No gratitude = bad times. It’s that simple. Keep basking in gratitude. Every. Single. Day.

9. Keep Living with an open heart

Live in your heart, not your head.

Nothing can hurt you when you live with an open heart. If someone leaves your life, you’ll simply keep living with an open heart until they are replaced. If something doesn’t work out, you’ll simply keep living with an open heart until something else does.

Living with an open heart means you literally feel your chest and the energy that is there, all throughout your day. Open your heart up to the world, to your girl, to the people around you… fully. And keep it open.

10. Keep your mind focused on your positive vision of the future

Your mind has tendencies to revisit the past, especially when there are issues to be resolved. This is fine if there’s something to recount and learn. However, the majority of your thinking needs to be pointed toward your positive vision of the future.

What are you working towards? Who are you becoming? What are you creating? These are questions to ask yourself periodically to ensure you stay focused on your vision. If you do this, the good times will definitely keep rolling in. There’s no question about it.

11. Keep Building your skillsets & Business

Modern life means you MUST make money. To make money you must serve people in some capacity. To serve people you must have skills.

Continuously building your skillsets, on a daily basis, is required to keep experiencing the good life over the long-term. The money must keep rolling in. You must constantly be learning and you must constantly be growing in-order to remain relevant and have value to provide.

Don’t ever become lax. After all, building your skills and business is FUN. There are no days off. Why would there be? True dedication is liberating and making everyday count just feels good. Keep building your skillsets, keep building your business. Work at it every single day and watch the good times roll.

12. Keep Managing Modern Distractions

Managing modern distractions is required in the modern era. We have information and media coming at us continuously, all day everyday.

Don’t get caught up. You can’t allow it. Keep managing how much media you consume, how much screen time you engage in, and be selective on what you let into your mind. Limit news, limit social media, limit phone usage and keep the good times rolling, baby.

13. Keep Managing Drug Use

These days, drugs are everywhere in many forms. You have to keep being very selective with what you allow into your body.

“There is no biological free-lunch.” Whatever brings you up, will inevitably take you down. Keep a keen awareness of this reality, always.

If you choose to partake in alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, marijuana, prescriptions, etc, you must be very aware that you’re playing with fire. You must manage your use, and NEVER give your power away to the drug.

Drugs are a slippery slope. Honestly it’s best to eliminate them completely.

14. Keep Realizing your power right NOW

Your power is found right NOW. Right now keeps going on and on and on. You’ve never experienced tomorrow. You’ve only experienced right now.

Right now is your power. It’s where you find yourself… your true self. And what is your true self? Power.

Keep realizing this, over and over again, and keep the good times rolling.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

There’s no need to be suspicious about whether the good life you’ve created will keep coming. You just have to keep doing what it took to get there in the first place.

Do the right things, and the right things happen.

It’s that simple.