What's this all about?

Simple. Are you willing to set aside weakness and and replace it with strength?

Listen up friends. You’re alive. Right now, in this moment… you’re alive. Aren’t you? Check and see. Are you breathing? Don’t take it for granted because it's not going to last forever.

Being alive isn’t a small thing. It’s a miracle. It’s estimated that your existence is the result of a 1 in 700 trillion chance. Your mind will never be able to comprehend this.

Plus, existence never makes copies. You are absolutely unique. Never before has someone exactly like you existed. And it's never going to happen again. This is a one time thing.

Obviously you’re a participant in this world for a reason. You’re here to experience life. You’re here to access your power and to use it. You’re here to contribute your unique gifts and become the best version of you, whatever that may be.

So what’s stopping you? Fear, tension, and weakness. Old emotional attachments and outdated ways of being. You’ve gotten stuck in a rut that is keeping you from accessing your true self and highest intentions, and until you escape the trap, it's going to continue to eat you alive.

Let’s escape together.

It's time to set aside weakness and build your power. It’s time to become who you’re meant to be. It’s time to build a life you can be proud of. It's time to contribute your unique gift. It’s time to become Untroubled & Strong.

Marcus Creed

Untroubled & Strong Founder

The Mission

The mission is the find your power by:

  • a body of optimal health and strength,
  • a mind well disciplined, clear, and calm,
  • a strong will with unshakable resolve,
  • a life lived fully with intensity and purpose.

We achieve this by:

  • cold therapy,
  • meditation,
  • reflection,
  • lifting weights,
  • HIIT training,
  • eating consciously,
  • abstaining from degeneracy.

Central Themes

When you do the right things, the right things happen.

Is that you?

Great to meet you! Tell us about yourself and let's start growing.