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April 18th Connection

Once you lose her she’s gone forever

By Sam Lloyd

In moments of internal weakness, your mind tends to retreat to the past. You begin looking backward and glorifying it. The relationships you’ve created, the magic moments you’ve had, the women you’ve attracted but lost… all start to become front and center.

When you’re in these thought loops, depression is just around the corner. When your mind is oriented toward what WAS, you lose touch with what IS. Once you’ve lost touch with what IS, suffering is inevitable.

So what is?

Now is what is. Right now. Right now is where you’ll find your untroubled, authentic self. Right now is where you’ll find your internal power and well-being.

This is what makes you attractive. This is how you got the girl in the first place. Basking in your internal power that is housed in the present moment. You MUST get back to this place within.

When it comes to women, once you lose her she’s gone forever. This is nearly always true. If you’ve lost a girl that you loved, and you find yourself missing her, find a way to appreciate what you had. Simultaneously, know that it is over and it’s not coming back. Be okay with this, because this is reality.

Close the chapter and move on to the next one. Completely. This is closure, and as a man you’ll need to get good at creating it. Never leave open a sliver of ‘what if’ or ‘maybe this’ or ‘maybe that.’ Keep your focus on NOW and keep your thinking oriented toward the future. The past is over. Accept it, love it. Accept her, love her with no attachment nor regret.