Updated October 17, 2019

On a fairly regular basis I get people asking me questions and requesting consulting services. I've finally decided to open myself brain up for the right people. The following are subjects I've mastered and and am willing to work with people on.

1. Branding (business or personal)

Now days, the average customer often evaluates dozens of options before choosing where to spend their money. Because of the internet, buyers are more empowered, more informed, and have more options than ever before. What separates you or your business from everyone else? First and foremost, it’s your brand. I can help you develop a brand that pack a punch and set you apart.

It's time to shine.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the art and science of how to SHOW UP, STAND OUT, and SEAL THE DEAL. Digital marketing is a super power. If you do it right, you can heavily augment your business, or start something from scratch.

I've headed up digital marketing strategies for years with my agency Klicker. If you're interested in get personalized help, let's chat.

3. Body Recomposition

If you're someone who wants to learn what it takes to gain muscle and lose fat, I can fast track you to the good stuff. I've been self-experimenting for nearly 20 years now and I know what programs, supplements, and diets work and what ones don't (and why).

If you're interested in picking my brain or having me act as your coach, let's chat.

4. Lifestyle & Quality of Life

I've been fortunate enough to trail-blaze lifestyle design. I've also had the unique opportunity of overcoming mental disorder. I'd love to help you do the same.

It's time to create your life your way.

Contact me if you're interested in chatting and we can go from there...

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