There’s writing, and then there’s writing.

Written by on July 25, 2016

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There’s writing, and then there’s writing.

There’s writing that is regurgitated ideas and word techniques – fluff that comes from a shallow place. This is 99% of what you read. It’s ‘much ado about nothing,’ and adds no real value to your life. It’s uninspired, dead, and not worth reading. It does nothing but add more clutter to your mind.

Then there’s writing that is alive. Writing that is the result of raw experience carefully translated into words. Writing that comes from a meditative state, a pure focus, and selfless intent. This writing is packed with nuance. It’s inspired. The words resonate. Something within you recognizes the words. The place they came from is familiar. This is writing that is alive, valuable, and very worth reading. You feel a sense of clarity from reading it. There’s an energy that is passed along.

Inspired writing comes from inspired moments. A great writer gets their own ‘stuff’ out of the way. They find the depth that is within, the deeper source of intelligence, and translates raw experience into words from this place. Great writing would be better described as translating.

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