What’s Stopping You?

The battle ground of invisible forces: You Vs. Fear.

Written by on July 5, 2016

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What’s stopping you from starting that project? From building that business? From talking to that girl?

What’s stopping you from writing? From reading? From learning a new skill?

What’s stopping you from lifting those weights? From running those sprints? From jumping into that cold shower?

Seriously, what’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you from being who you’re meant to be? What’s stopping you from doing what you really want to do? What’s stopping you from living out your highest intentions? Your visions? Your ideals?

Ask yourself these questions. Now simply observe. What comes to mind? Find yourself in this moment…now. Hold the question in your mind: “what’s stopping me?”

Obviously something is stopping you and there is clearly a conflict. On one hand you want to do these things, but something is keeping you from it. There are invisible forces in conflict and one of them is getting the upper hand.

Which one is winning? Is it you or hesitation that is winning?

The battle ground of invisible forces: You Vs. Fear

What’s stopping you from everything you want in life is fear. Fear is keeping you from the life you really want. Not only is it holding you back from creating the future you know is possible, it’s also making you miserable right now, in this moment. You’re shackled, unable to be who you really want to be, unable to do what you know you need to do.

Let’s look at this reality objectively and without judgment.

There’s some part of you that is afraid. Take a deep look and you’ll find that it’s afraid of pretty much everything everything.

  • It’s afraid of failure, it’s afraid of success.
  • It’s afraid of things not working out, it’s afraid of things working out.
  • It’s afraid of rejection, it’s afraid of acceptance.
  • It’s afraid of regret, it’s afraid to take action.

There’s something within you that is simply afraid… of everything. A fear generating mechanism that results in hesitation and complacency. Anything that is new, it’s afraid. Let me repeat… anything that is new, it is afraid.

You may be thinking “no I’m not scared, I’m just lazy, that’s why I don’t take action.” But what’s really behind laziness is fear. Laziness is incognito fear. Let’s get real here; deep down you’re submitting to fear and because of this, laziness happens.

Laziness is incognito fear.

Another coverup to fear is nihilism. Nihilism is when you play a mental game with yourself and say things like “it doesn’t really matter anyway. The universe is meaningless, and so is my life.” This is just another layer over the top of fear. This is the philosophers way of submitting to fear – spin some mental gymnastics, and pretend you’re not submitting to fear.

The Source of the Fear

There is a force within your psyche. It’s tough to identify and doesn’t like being called out. It’s outside of normal awareness, and it takes a huge amount of courage to find it – and face it.

Scientifically speaking, this force is called the ‘reptilian brain.’ The reptilian brain’s sole function is to prolong your survival. It’s to keep your life going. The reptile doesn’t give two shits about the quality of your life. It only cares that you’re alive.

It doesn’t want you to expand. It doesn’t want you to grow. It doesn’t want you to explore life. It’s function is simple: maintain homeostasis. It absolutely hates risks. To the reptile, risks are completely unnecessary. So long as you’re alive, you’re good.

As a human being, survival is not enough.

But that’s not what you want. As a human being, survival is not enough. Is just surviving enough for you? It is not. You want more life. You want to explore. You want to expand and grow. You want to experience as much as possible. Simply surviving isn’t good enough. You want fulfillment. True well-being. Neither of those are accomplished from simply surviving.

The Reptile In-Action

Ultimately, the reptile is a fear producing mechanism. Whenever something is unfamiliar, fear happens. Although useful at times, for the most part, the reptile is outdated. An evolutionary left-over that needs to be put in it’s proper place.

I like to call my reptile Mr. Slithers.

In addition to producing fear, Mr. Slithers loves to wallow in it. He attaches himself to memories and makes the experience of fear predictable. Ever start feeling anxiety for no reason? Chances are you encountered a situation that is similar to something you’ve already experienced and Mr. Slithers was triggered. At some time in the past this experience activated Mr. Slithers and now he’s been reactivated.

How to Squash Fear and Live a Life of Your Making

Getting rid of fear is as simple as becoming conscious of the moment. This moment. You know, the one that is happening right now. Within this moment is where you reside. When I say you, I mean your authentic self. Your being.

This moment is where the power is. Take a deep breath and notice it for yourself. It’s within this moment that you have the power to choose. When you’re stuck in your head, you’re living in imagination land. You’re recycling thoughts.

Squashing fear is a simple 2 step process:

  • Step 1: awaken to your power that exists RIGHT NOW
  • Step 2: deciding to move forward

When you find your power and decided to move forward you loosen the shackles of fear. When you do this over and over and over, soon the shackles are completely cast aside. You are free. You have won your freedom.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Could it be that simple? Find your power and simply move forward? Find your power, feel the fear, and do it anyway?

Yes. It’s that simple. When I sat down to write this blog post I used this exact formula.

Your Decisions = Your Experience of Life

Ultimately, your entire experience of life comes down to your decisions. Your experience of life boils down to what decisions you make.

Some decisions are apparent: What did you eat? Did you workout? Did you meditate? Did you get enough sleep? What have you smoked? Have you been jacking off to porn. Etc.

The answers to these questions determine your experience of life to a huge extent. What decisions have you made that have resulted in a positive experience of life? What decisions have you made that have resulted in a negative or less than optimal one?

Yet beyond the apparent, high level decisions, there are more subtle decisions. Only you know about these ones. They are more subtle, more subjective. When you worked out did you quit early? When you had the opportunity to talk to that girl did you take it or find some excuse to just move on? When it was time to work did you decide to give it 100% of your effort? Or did you slack off?

It’s the combination of these apparent decisions and subtle decisions that create your experience of life.

Ultimately, you decisions can revolve around fear, or they can revolve around YOU and what you really want.

“It’s in the moment of decision that your destiny is formed.”

So what’s Stopping You? What’s stopping you from being who you’re meant to be? What’s stopping you from doing what you really want to do?

It’s fear.

What’s behind fear?

The invisible force that is your reptilian brain… aka Mr. Slithers.

How do you squash fear?

Step 1: Awaken to your power that is RIGHT NOW.

Step 2: Make new decisions and move forward.

What are you going to do today that you really want to do? Who are you going to be? It’s in the moment of decision that your destiny is formed.

Decide NOW.

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