What Happens To Testosterone When You Ejaculate?

Can Ejaculation Cause Low Testosterone?

Written by on August 16, 2016

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can ejaculation cause low testosterone

Does Masturbation Lower Your Testosterone Levels?


Or, ejaculation in general?

Man, what a question. This one is tough to answer, because the internet is full of opinions. But you know what they say about opinions…

They’re like assholes—everybody has one.

But today we’re more concerned with your balls. That’s where your body makes testosterone, anyway.

Ejaculation naturally drains your balls, and since that’s where testosterone is made, shouldn’t it follow that ejaculation = lower testosterone?

Well, maybe.

Some guys believe that this “male energy” we have can be stockpiled. We can use that energy as fuel for nearly any endeavor, from athletics to intense mental performance to finding a mate.

In some circles, it makes sense that masturbating or having sex literally blows your cache of male vigor, and sets you back at square one. It makes sorta horse sense as usually one of the most common signs of high testosterone is increased sex drive.

This isn’t some new pseudoscience (although it could be old pseudoscience). Many highly driven, successful men throughout history have either permanently or temporarily abstained from ejaculation, from Thomas Jefferson to Mike Tyson to Steve Jobs to Isaac Newton.

But could that be a sort of psychological bias? Were those men great because they abstained from ejaculation, or despite the fact that they abstained? Might they have been ass-kickers regardless of how often they flogged the dolphin?

Maybe it’s all mental.


testosterone levels drop after ejaculation

Ejaculation and Testosterone: Correlated or Not?


I personally know a few guys (too many) who have an unhealthy addiction to porn. Instead of chasing girls and working for sex like a man, they withdraw into a fantasy world of digital vaginas.

If that describes you, don’t get offended. But it’s important for what I have to say next.

Anyway, it’s important to note that research into testosterone (and exercise science in general) is sparse. Scientists are more concerned at the moment with conquering cancer and HIV and other more pressing issues, so progress is slow.

Take this all with a grain of salt as even experts don’t agree what the optimal level of testosterone is, so we don’t really have an agreed upon “baseline” to measure the effecting of fapping. Either way, here are the important bits.

Multiple studies have shown that masturbating doesn’t significantly alter serum testosterone levels. That would suggest that the chronic masturbators among us aren’t depleting their bodies of testosterone with every fap session.

Short-term abstinence (less than a month) may increase T levels very slightly. On the other hand, saying no to poon and masturbation for longer than 3 months may SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your mojo levels.

To me, that makes sense. If a normal guy suddenly stops having sex for a couple weeks, his body is going to gear up for sex by producing more testosterone, increasing his drive to go out and find new conquests.

Sort of like how your stomach growls when you’re hungry.

But go celibate for too long, and your body goes into “learned defeat” mode. You’re not having sex, so why waste time and energy producing testosterone when it’s going to waste?

Of course, now you’re in a vicious circle—without testosterone to drive you, you go longer without sex and continue making less and less testosterone.

And last but not least, we have to consider the effects of solo ejaculation versus the effects of ejaculations with a “special friend.” One study showed that guys getting their rocks off with a partner saw massive spikes in serum testosterone levels, while those in the lonely hearts club weren’t moving the needle at all.

do testosterone levels drop after ejaculation

Masturbation Versus Sex


You’ll remember I was talking earlier about chronic masturbators. Some people claim that it’s perfectly healthy, others don’t. While I don’t think your dick is going to fall off from overstimulation, I do think too much alone time is unhealthy.

My reasons are purely anecdotal, so take them with a grain of salt.

I don’t know what your goals are for wanting higher testosterone levels. Maybe it’s for more gains at the gym and sculpting those massive 3d big broad shoulders you have always been jealous of, maybe it’s for a bigger sex drive, maybe it’s just to feel more like a man.

Maybe you just want diamond hard erections that never die.

Who knows?

I do know, however, that excessive masturbation runs contrary to all of those goals. Masturbation can be a supplement to sex, but it should never be a substitute. I’ve seen first-hand that men who indulge in too much beating off simply lose their edge in life.

They don’t lift as hard at the gym (or stop going and sometimes develop a mad case of the man titties), work performance suffers, they stop meeting girls or even hanging out with their friends. They forget how to land dates, flirt, ask good questions and ultimately get sex on their own. They sometimes forget how to function socially around other men, let alone other women. It’s a withdrawal into a fantasy world where you don’t need to get bigger arms or meet your sexy coworker for drinks because you can have any girl you want—in your head, without the blood, sweat and tears.

I’m not moralizing here. Masturbate if you want. But even if study after study shows that masturbation doesn’t affect testosterone levels, you and I both know that sex with a real person is ultimately more fulfilling and rewarding, regardless of its effect on testosterone.

If you are worried about having low T and were thinking that maybe abstinence from your lap hog may raise it. I would recommend first checking out our post on safe natural testosterone boosters before you commit to a life of monk-dom.

Don’t get bogged down in the technicalities.

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