Top 5 Foods to Get (And Maintain) a Rock-Hard Erection

Forget The Gas Station Boner Pills

Written by on August 10, 2016

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Keep that boner up!


You’ve got a girl over and Netflix and Chill is about to go down. After all, you both LOVE documentaries! You fire up the TV and scroll through all the options. It’s time to learn about lions in Africa.

You grab your favorite blanket, and perfectly position yourself on the couch with your girl. She snuggles up next to you. Five minutes into the documentary go by and the sexual tension keeps building. Neither of you are really paying attention to the lions. Your mind is elsewhere.

It’s time to make your move. You begin making out. Things escalate. Things escalate even more. And even more. It’s time to do the deed, what you’ve both been waiting for. But instead of having a rock hard pole ready to go, you bust out a soft and pathetic squishy toy.

Things just aren’t working. Something’s wrong. In fact this failure may send you spiraling toward getting friend-zoned in a hurry.

This type of situation is very common these days unfortunately. A massive amount of dudes are struggling with the pain of wielding weak boners, also known as erectile dysfunction. This can confuse your women and make her sex drive plummet as well.

It’s time to change that.

Everything we talk about on this site is about getting higher testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels is the foundation for fixing erectile dysfunction but there’s more to it. Nitrates, nitric oxide, amino acids, and various other elements come into play with it comes to your erection strength.

Nitric oxide is the molecule that dilates blood vessels and expands your arteries while also improving blood flow. It’s your nitric oxide levels that are hugely responsible for giving you a nice rock hard boner (or lack there of). Beyond just boners, increasing nitric oxide levels is extremely beneficial for all kinds of cardiovascular health, and the fact that your blood flow improves all over your body if your nitric oxide levels increase, means that pretty much everything in your body will operate more easily, including testosterone production.

There’s a lot at stake here.

Lucky for us, we can increase our nitiric oxide and create an environment in our body that will allow us to enjoy glorious erections.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 foods that will help you the erection that will allow you to finish what you started next time it’s time to Netflix and Chill.


Raw chocolate is good for boners!

  1. Raw Cacao

Chocolate! You’re telling me that eating chocolate will give me the springboard I desperately want!

Yes. Chocolate. Chocolate in it’s purest form.

Raw chocolate, also known as Cacao, is an extremely nutritious food that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples. They known all along about it’s health promoting benefits. Unfortunately, us modern humans have messed up the awesome-ness of chocolate by processing the hell out of it and adding chemicals and huge amounts of sugar and other garbage that doesn’t belong there.

But will consuming chocolate in it’s purest form really boost your boner? Let’s take a look at some science:

In this study consuming raw cocoa resulted in a 5-10 point drop in systolic blood pressure. Translation: consuming raw cacao expands your arteries allowing blood to flow more freely. More blood flow = better boners.

In this study, consuming raw cocoa more than doubled the amount of circulating angiogenic cells. Why does this matter? Here’s why: there’s lining inside your blood vessels called endolithium. Circulating angiogenic cells make for healthy endolithium and consuming raw chocolate gives you more angiogenic cells (doubles).

Beyond that stuff, there are several more studies that show that raw chocolate increases nitric oxide levels significantly which is exactly what we’re after for achieving a solid hard on. This can also help you if your trying to get rid of some man boobs naturally.

So what type of chocolate should you get? As usual, one of the best places to purchase the purest cacao is amazon. They are cheaper on Amazon then you’ll ever find at a local health food store. Here a couple of products we use our selves:





eat that garlic for raging erections

  1. Garlic

While consuming some chocolate before your next Netflix and Chill session is probably a good idea, we don’t recommend consuming garlic. However, adding garlic to your diet, or supplementing it, is definitely going to aid you in your quest to a glorious stiffy.

So let’s take a look at some of the science behind garlic and how it’s going to help you:

Garlic has been shown to increase natural testosterone production, but there’s more to this mysterious super food than that. Garlic has also scientifically proven to be a potent nitric oxide synthase activator. Activating nitric oxide synthase is just what the boner doctor ordered.

Garlic has also been shown to lower blood pressure in humans more effectively than blood pressure drugs when compared head to head. Translation: consuming garlic expands your arteries allowing blood to flow more freely. More blood flow = better boners.

In one animal study, garlic increased blood flow by 15% in calfs. Researchers make the claim that the same results happen in humans and possibly even more profoundly.

You should be able to purchase fresh garlic at your local grocery store. In addition to consuming fresh garlic, you may want to supplement it as well. Here’s the stuff we recommend.


pomegranates for boners

  1. Pomegranates

Pomegranates not only taste great, but they are great for you and your little friend (dick joke!). In fact, they may be the best erection hardening food out there.

Why is that?

Pomegranates have been scientifically shown to be fantastic for your cardiovascular system in general. They also happen to be a testosterone enhancing food. Talk about 2 birds! They have been shown to dramatically increase nitric oxide production and the large amounts of antioxidants also protect from free radicals and oxidation.

In this study, long term pomegranate consumption was found to significantly lower blood pressure. Remember, lower blood pressure = better blood flow = better boners.

Pomegranates have also been coined to be natural Viagra because of their ability to increase nitric oxide synthase significantly.

So start eating pomegranates on a regular basis. Your girlfriend(s) will definitely thank you and so will your health in general.


Nitrates help with erections

  1. Foods High in Nitrates

Bonus time! I told you 5 foods, but I’m going to include more here because when you eat foods that contain natural nitrates, the bacteria in your tongue converts them into nitritines. Once you swallow the food, the bacteria in your gut converts the nitritines into nitric oxide (study, study, study).

In a nut shell, the more nitrates you eat, the more nitric oxide your body will produce.

The great news is that eating nitrate rich foods is easy. You just have to make it a priority. Start consuming the following foods to dramatically increase your nitrates and therefore nitric oxide levels:




-Aragula lettuce

-Iceberg lettuce





-Collard Greens


Argine for love

  1. Foods High in Arginine

Another bonus and even more foods!

It turns out that the body converts arginine, an amino acid, into nitric oxide which is like I’ve said over and over, is exactly what we need to achieve a magnificent and massive chubby. There are certain foods that naturally contain high amounts of arginine and when you start eating these foods, your boner will start rising to the occasion instead of slouching around being a lazy ass.

Here are the foods that are naturally high in arginine you should start adding to your diet:

-Raw walnuts



-Peanut Butter (and other nut butters)

You can also supplement arginine which will give you a nice additional boost.


Make your boner great again! Stop suffering with weak erections and start consuming the foods that will help make it strong again.  

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