The Side Effects & Safety of Testosterone Boosters or Supplements

Hint: Don't Overdo it

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the effects of testosterone boosters

“Do These Testosterone Pills Have Side Effects Bro?”


One of the most consistent questions we get flooding our inbox is from understandably skeptical men concerned about the safety and side effects of testosterone boosters & supplements. Everybody has heard a horrific urban legend about steroids and supplements involving a micro-dick or an uncontrolled fit of rage.

Luckily these are overblown myths based and not the effects of testosterone boosters  for the average person. All these rumors trace back to people doing insane amounts for prolonged periods of time with out proper cycling precautions and usually with experimental anabolic steroids.

Not testosterone boosters.

However, the fact is there is an ungodly amount of opinions to sort through if you want to come to any type of definitive conclusion regarding what’s safe and what is not. To remedy this problem we have taken some of the most common questions we receive and used them as a springboard to give you a rundown of all the testosterone booster side effects too look out for as well as how to stay safe while boosting your testosterone.


testosterone benefits and side effects


Most Popular Questions About Testosterone Booster Benefits & Side Effects


Question: “Is it ok to use testosterone boosters or engage in the use of testosterone supplements if I am not 18 years old?”
Answer: If by boosters you DO NOT mean steroids or flashy bottles with proprietary blends that read like the periodic table fucked a chinese dictionary….then, yes it is totally ok and we would dare-say a damn good idea to use them.

But if you mean steroids, that’s a different story.

Most people (us included) use the term “testosterone boosters” to mean nutrients & foods as opposed any type of anabolic steroid. Unless labeled otherwise, everything found on this site you can use with little to no side effects. And to be honest, you would be surprised how damn effective these testosterone boosters can be. And if your reading this, your probably interested in boosting your T as it has all sorts of desirable benefits such as mega rock hard erections or getting rid of your man boobs.

However, if you were hoping we’d say it’s ok to get super hero comic book jacked at 13 years old don’t despair.

You can do it naturally. Especially if you you start incorporating boosters at a young age. The younger you start the more benefits you will gain from them. This is because the across the board the best way to increase your T is to be healthy.

Go figure.
Question: “What are the long-term side effects of testosterone boosters?”
Answer: Again, like above this is requires us to be on the same page about what you mean by “ Testosterone boosters”. Unless explicitly labeled as a anabolic steroid, you can take, use or do anything recommended on this site with zero side effects.

Why? Well, more on this later, but mainly because anything we recommend to ingest is all basically just super nutritious foods & nutrients that influence your nut factory to ramp up production and get the juices flowin’


Question: “Are “testosterone boosters” classified as food or are they closer to something like a medicine?
Answer: We’d say closer to a food. Most medicine is a type of nutrient that enacts a targeted desired response in the body anyway.



Question: “If I want to increase my testosterone naturally, do I have to use supplements?”

Answer: You definitely do not need supplements to boost your testosterone naturally. Some of the most crucial and effective factors you can influence to improve your natural hormone optimization are exercise, diet and sleep.

The effectiveness of those three on your levels depends on your current lifestyle. If your diet, sleep and exercise are pure dog shit, then fixing them will net you the quickest and most substantial gains for your testosterone levels. With that being said using testosterone boosting supplements can amplify and speed up the process in a major way. Thus getting you to experience the improved quality of life that comes with having high T sooner. As such we recommend using them.

Furthermore, If you already have diet, sleep and exercise routines that are congruent with high T living, then supplementing may be the only effective way to squeeze higher levels of testosterone out of your man balls.


Question: “Are testosterone boosters safe?”
Answer: Yes
How the hell did we come to all these conclusions you may be asking?

We like having high T. Our friends like having high T. Our entire circle of peers are into having high testosterone and we’ve all been obsessed with it for a long time.

In other words, we’ve done our homework.

We have years of our own personal experimentation with nootropics, herbs, minerals, vitamins, mushrooms, amino-acids and even testing shady miracle supplements that have ‘god knows what’ in them to draw from. We also have the combined knowledge of our peer groups coupled with the bottomless pit of information we call the internet.

We have a pretty good idea of what’s going on.

Personally, none of us here have ever experienced any noteworthy negative side effects from anything we recommend taking on the site. Most of us have been experimenting with these testosterone boosters for the better part of a decade and our lives haven’t imploded into chaos. Our dicks haven’t shrunken down to turtle nubs, our balls haven’t shriveled into pathetic raisins and all and all we still have our shit together.

In laymans terms, that soda in your hand is gonna fuck your shit up way more than any of these natural testosterone boosters.


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The Nitty Gritty About “Safety” Testosterone Boosters


Now just because these testosterone boosters are essentially really healthy foods, doesn’t mean you can just go buck wild gorging yourself on supplements and not expect some side effects.

Drinking too much water will kill you. Make sure that you are being reasonable with supplementation.

In the off chance you decide to go hard in the paint and over do it with say something like oysters? Most of the side effects from them and other natural testosterone boosters are going to fall in the realm of shitting your pants, having gas that qualifies as military grade chemical weapons and maybe a panic attack or two.

Because they are natural occurring foods & nutrients you really have to go out of your way to experience any real life impacting negative side effects from the boosters.

However, these boosters are extremely effective and your test levels will rise if you use them. Rising test levels definitely can have some undesirable side effects.


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Testosterone Booster Side Effects


See that picture above? That picture perfectly illustrates the massive side effects of anabolic testosterone boosters…..I mean you need to be careful with this stuff because as so clearly illustrated above, these boosters pose a serious danger of jacking you so hard you got dem’ 3d big broad shoulders with the striations clear as day.

In other words your mainly in danger of being yoked to the tits.

If you do encounter any notable side effects, generally they can be correlated to your increasing amount of testosterone and not the actual testosterone boosting supplements you’re taking.

By far the most common side effect is a minor pain in your testicals. This is because the boosters are kicking your balls into overdrive and the amount of testosterone and sperm is skyrocketing off the charts. Your at maximum capacity!
It’s like having a mega version of blue balls. But fear not! Nothing sex, masturbation or sleep can’t remedy easily.

Secondly, bad body odor is commonplace with increased T levels. This is natural as your apocrine glands produce sweat that is regulated by your hormones. Increased testosterone levels bolsters the activity level on the glands and in turn churns out more sweaty goodness. Not only do you produce more sweat but it’s a more ‘manly’ sweat and is extra extra poignant.

The good news is, some extra showers and generous deodorant applications should do the trick. Not to mention some women actually like the smell as they are biologically programmed to be sensitive to it. So it could turn out to be a really good thing if you play your cards right.

Heightened T levels also can make your face oily and possibly causing some acne to form. This happens because testosterone, and it’s bigger badder cousin DHT stimulate the amount of oil your skin produces. Again, this is a sign your levels are rising and is a good thing, it may be a bit annoying but having high T far outweighs some shiny skin.

Lastly some mens bodies produce or have more amounts of aromatase enzymes. They have a handful of functions one of which is converting your hard-earned testosterone into androgens which in turn easily convert into estrogen. Often with increased testosterone levels your body will want to increase your estrogen levels as a response. Aromatase enzymes are the primary method your body uses to do this

Increased estrogen levels have their own set of side effects we won’t get into here, but many are not desirable by a man. Luckily, it’s a pretty easy fix. You can inhibit the aromatase enzyme and we recommend as a man in general to inhibit it to a degree even if you are not showing side effects of elevated estrogen levels. Things like zinc, select supplements, nutrition, and dropping fat can naturally inhibit the enzyme and prevent any side effects.

Simple Guide to Help Your Body Pump Out More Testosterone
If you are looking to assist your cajones with testosterone production via supplementation, here is a quick and dirty guide to do it safely and effectively.

Do your due diligence:
Double check if the reported substance, actually has some studies behind it showing increased testosterone levels.


We live in a world on instant info, it is not that much of an investment to do some googling.

Double check the ingredients:
Check the ingredients of a product for the words “proprietary blend” if you don’t know what that means, read this.


positive effects of testosterone boosters

TDLR version


They don’t have to tell you exactly what’s in the product and how much of it is in there.

We think you can gather why that’s something to avoid.


benefits of testosterone boosting supplements - herbs

Herb Quality Matters

The amount of herbal supplements on the internet is mind boggling. We have found a good rule is to stick to organic, wildcrafted, 100% pure herbs when buying herbs in whole, any type of powder or herbal tinctures.


side effects of testorone - china suppliments

No China

We are not inferring everything about china should be avoided, but in this particular industry they seem to push product that is consistently shown to contain pro-hormones, lead, chemicals and all sorts of goodies that don’t belong in your body.


testosterone use side effects

No Marketing Schemes

“Ultra Test Carnage Xtreme 5000” is not the name of a legit and safe test boosting product you should be looking into. Be wary of shiny bottles, loud packaging and a picture of a guy clearly on steroids claiming his physique comes from this “revolutionary new proprietary blend” that is only 10 bucks.

If it seems too good to be true, that’s because it is.

With that in mind, there are plenty of reputable high-quality products available world-wide that you can get your hands on pretty easily. They are not always the most friendly in the price department, but in this industry you actually do “get what you pay for”. Pay the money for the legit stuff and thank us later.


Our Ethos

We will never misrepresent information or recommend prescription drugs, proprietary blends, or cheaply manufactured mystery substances coming from India with Arnold’s face on the wrapper. There is a place for experimentation with those types of substances and we don’t falsely demonize them. However that is not what we recommend for the average man.

Secondly, we will absolutely never in any way shape or form mislead you about how we get results. If we experiment with TRT and anavar to get sexy for and post some pics about it. We won’t lie and tell you that some new BS product to hit GNC with a secretive proprietary blend that will probably ruin your liver got us those results. We will tell you the truth.

In fact, in our tinkering with testosterone boosters I for one have experimented and cycled with a handful of steroids and just plain bio identical testosterone with TRT.

Toying with those can be beneficial as well, but pose a greater risk. If you are just starting out experimenting with T levels, start with following the advice in this article. Focus on boosting it naturally before you play with steroids.

The “boosters” that we preach on the site are confirmed by studies and research as well as our own personal experience. Again in a nutshell these natural testosterone boosters are herbs, minerals, vitamins, medicinal mushrooms or amino acid’s with testosterone enhancing properties.


The testosterone boosters and methods we share on this site are for the most part side effect free, and without a doubt very effective.

Personally the only side effects we’ve encountered are all related to increased levels of testosterone which is exactly what we want! Blueballs, oily skin, increased deodorant usage and a bit of investment to make sure our estrogen levels stay down is a small price to pay for the massive benefits that come from having high levels of testosterone.

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