On Being a Man

Being a man is about finding your power that is now.

Written by on July 7, 2016

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Being a man is about finding your power. The power that is YOU… right now. Your power to act. Your power to move things. Your power to make decisions. Your power to make things happen.

Being a man is about being aggressive. Not over other people (unless needed). Aggressive in the pursuit of life. Aggressive in going after what you want and aggressive in sharing it with others. You want more life and you’re willing to go get it.

Being a man is about taking action. Complacency and laziness aren’t part of a real man. What needs to be done? It’s simple, whatever is needed, whatever this moment requires, whatever needs to happen, you will not hesitate. You will act. You will do.

Being a man is about protecting. You are a servant to those around you. You are the host of the party, always, ensuring a good time. If someone tries to crash things, it will not be allowed. If you need to fight, you will fight. The well-being of those that you care about will not be compromised.

Being a man is about leading. You take the responsibility and you have the insights that ensure things keep moving. You take charge. You cultivate and grow your mind, body, and emotion so your leadership is legitimate.

Being a man is about giving. You have unique gifts and you give them to the world expecting nothing in return. You take joy out of enhancing other people’s lives. That is your real purpose.

Being a man is about growing. It’s not about stubbornness, it’s about humbleness. It’s not about being bull-headed, it’s about being objective. You strive to look at life just the way it is. You strive to set aside all prejudice and cognitive distortion. You’re willing to face yourself and your weakness, and you’re willing to expand past them.

Being a man is about being willing. Willing to fight, and willing to die.

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