Is Your Wife Not Interested In Sex? Common Reasons & Fixes

Written by on August 1, 2016

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Maybe the biggest gripe of married men (and the biggest fear of engaged men) is that their wives are not thinking about sex, they don’t want sex, they are not interested in sex and they will remain as such until they wither into dust. Men fear getting stuck in this situation forcing us to live out the rest of our miserable existence conjuring up ex girlfriends, missed opportunities with women while we were single and eventually devolving to hentai porn for masturbation material.

Its a real fear because we all have met a man in this unfortunate trap.

This leads to the ever present notion that, hence marriage is predestined to be a lust-less lonely road leading to a man to not being a man. Don’t believe this lie, that shell of a man you know who is married? His fate is not destined to be your fate! Here is the cold hard truth. Studies show that married people have sex more often AND report having better sex as married couples than when they were single.

The stigmata comes from married people obviously spend longer amounts of times together as a couple. Ideally for life. Thus naturally there are more ups and downs to scrutinize and inevitably our default setting is going to focus on the bad times the most. The bad times make for stories and articles. This is how media works.

But rest assured statistically you are not in danger of living out your existence in sexual deprivation attempting not to cheat if you get married. The opposite is true, you are more likely to have better sex more often should you choose to put a ring on it.

Now if your married and experiencing a down-tick in the frequency your getting your freak on and frantically Googling “No sex from wife” or “Wife not interested in me” then below are some common culprits for such problems and ways you can root those little bastards out. Chances are by adjusting a few things here and there you will back back to plowing your wife like the viking warrior you were always meant to be in no time.

Here are the top 5 reasons your wife may not have an interest in sex and what you can do about it:


wife isn't into sex

She Thinks YOU’RE Tired Or Not Up For It


You would be surprised how often this is the case. Women have to be in the right mental state emotionally in order to get the horny juices rumbling. If they feel like you are too busy, focused, irritated or anything of that nature; they will assume you are not in the mood. The reality is they just don’t have the balls to go for it and get shut down. IF you are married, you know that a husband getting shut down for sex is basically business as usual while if the wife gets shut down, it’s and emotional mid-life crisis for the next few weeks.

Women are far less likely to go for it than men in a relationship. It’s culturally programmed this way and they are emotionally less stable (in general). Now sometimes the really do think you are not in the mood because you are hyper focusing at your desk and haven’t even given here a glance in the last 8 hours. You probably have been merely grunting the bare minimum responses when she engages you and don’t realize your coming off to like she has the sex appeal of an dying hippo.

Also when she does hit you up for  the dirty dirty and you really are too tired / not up for it. Pray to the gods, do what you gotta do and get the lap hog up because if you let her go for it and then shut her down, chances are it’s going to take a hot minute for her to regain her confidence. Which brings me to my next point.

The Remedy:

If you think your wife may be in this boat, possibly wanting sex but not having the guts to go for it, give her a helping hand. Go give her a hug, but a real hug. Squeeze a bit, get the titties to smash up on your chest and maybe grab her ass. Then move along with what you have been doing. Even if she doesn’t decide to jump your bones immediately doing actions like this often keeps her from assuming your not into her or having an excuse to not take the initiative.

Also when she does hit you up for  the dirty dirty and you really are too tired / not up for it. Pray to the gods, do what you gotta do and get the lap hog up because if you let her go for it and then shut her down, chances are it’s going to take a hot minute for her to regain her confidence. Which brings me to my next point.

wife no sex

She’s Insecure


Women’s bodies fluctuate. That’s just the way it is. One week we’ve never been more skinny and another week we’ve gained ten pounds. This spontaneity that is unwelcome tends to make us self-conscious. We desire only satisfy both of us and to bound you, but we will be apprehensive about showing off our goods if we don’t believe that we look our best.

The Remedy:

Make a fine opinion, or simply stare at her with a come hither look, whenever you run into her coming from the shower. Act like it’s making you miserable not to touch her. This move will go a long way in demonstrating her how YOU think she looks regardless of how she feels she looks.

Talk to her. How long has it been since you have had a real conversation with your wife? Whens the last time you asked her genuine questions? Women want to be more than just physically attracted to their men, they want the emotional and mental attraction to be there too. They want to feel special, loved, comfortable and all that other bull shit!

Kidding, sorta.

But seriously women’s sex  drive is much more emotionally based than a mans. If she feels emotionally distant from you, it doesn’t matter if you have Brad Pitt’s body from fight club and a 14 inch anaconda in your pants. She’s not going to be into it.

why is my wife not interested in me sexually

She’s depressed, anxious or gloomy


When you’re single you can go out, grab a drink and make out to conceal those feelings of despair or stress. But when you’re in a committed relationship it’s a bit harder to simply choose the stream. Sex takes on a significance that is larger; it’s mental. And when you happen to be dealing with emotions, sometimes the last thing you want to cope with is closeness.
This leads to lack of communicating, which then results in too little sexual interest.

The Remedy:

Ask her questions and listen to her answers, but also the manner she replies. If she’s saying, “ ” is felt by me before several statements make sure you pay attention. Let her know that her mental well-being and self-confidence is more important than sex. She’ll be comfortable in her attempt to rebalance emotionally, once you confirm that you’re genuinely worried.

(Sidenote: If your wife is displaying real indications of depression, encourage her to speak to someone. Occasionally talking to some stranger can be simpler than speaking to someone you adore.)

wife not into sex

She’ Isn’t enjoying it


Don’t freak out; I know lots of new couples that have gone through this. This isn’t a tremendous deal; it is possible to check it by assessing EVERY marriage forum on the web and couples get all the time.
So they keep it quiet and it establishes in a lot of “I’m too exhausted” or “I’ve got to wake up early”.

The Remedy:

This can be avoided by remaining in tune with your mate, AND being honest and open about what you need with each other. That is (or should be) the best thing about union; you are able to go crazy!

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my wife has no interest in sex

She doesn’t like being vulnerable


Good sex is about exposure. Nevertheless, some women are just apprehensive about losing themselves during sex (women have already been known to laugh, weep or forthwith fall asleep after orgasm).
If your woman doesn’t feel comfortable being exposed for the reason that way, she’ll eventually start avoiding sex because of dread. They are unwilling to let sex overtake them, which leads to a subpar sex life.

The Remedy:

Make sure she understands she is respected by you in the bedroom and make yourself a person she trusts. This should be created prior to “I love you wedding and ” bands, but don’t worry if you didn’t sort that out; there’s nothing but time. Be not invulnerable to her and she’ll reciprocate.
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In conclusion

Society has an issue with looking at wedded sex in a positive light and it’s time to throw that notion in the litter. Sex could be a truly wonderful thing in a relationship that is committed. It can be very healthy, comforting, adventuresome and stress relieving for you. It’s also a fantastic way to find more about your partner.
You’ve got the opportunity to know someone in the most intimate way possible, take care of that duty and your wife will care for you (if you know what I mean).

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