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best way to find out if a girl likes you

How Do I Know If a Girl Likes Me?


Its a tale as old as time. A question that quite literally is probably as old as time as we know it. Since the dawn of recorded history women have often been portrayed as vague, elusive and wildly mysterious creatures.

This is not by accident.

Because they are straight fucking hard to understand. No “sexism” here, just stating that of them men and women operate from different perspectives and as such confusion, hilarity, frustration and ultimately these types of questions have always arisen, and will continue.

Unless you actually read this article and then actually take action.

Then you will never be confused again.

Pinky promise.

Anyway, back to women.

They are hard to read and hard to understand. As a single man one of the hardest things you are probably facing is getting a solid read on whether a girl is interested in more than friendship.

Actually the level of interest a women has in you can be hard to read even when your “with” them or married to them.

Common example we can draw is a girl may agree to go on a first date with you, then go dark afterwords. She may no respond to texting or calls and disappear into the wind. We cover how to handle this situation specifically in our post Good, Deep & Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl You Like because this is such a common situation men find themselves in.

Or even worse, you go on a few dates with a girl and you get thrown into the infamous friend zone.

However, even more common and even less obvious is when a girl goes dark after a good first date because she is interested in you.

What. The. Hell?

She may be playing the “Whoever cares the least wins” game and is so into you she’s trying to pretend she’s not.

All of these post first date situations are probable and common. On the surface they all look the same and it can seem confusing. However with a bit of knowledge and acute observation it is actually pretty easy to tell the difference between all of these and more.

As such I find it no surprise that you may be asking yourself:

  • How do I know if a girl likes me?
  • How do determine if she’s actually into dating me or if she’s simply being  nice or polite?

Well the answer on paper is simple: Look for the telltale signs she likes you.

No matter what game or angle a girl may be trying to play in the dating game, subconsciously, women will do things (and give signs) that show how they really feel. Whether they want to show these signs or not, they automatically do them (in general)

If you learn what these subconscious auto pilot signs are, you can then learn to easily determine if a girl is truly interested in you….


She “Just wants to be friends.”

So, back to our original point of knowing how to tell if a girl likes you, all you need to do learn the signs, and watch for them.

Easy right?

Well first you need to learn the signs, which is what I am mainly going to write about in this post, but I will also give you some tips on how to look out for them , even when they are not obvious as well.

You ready to up your game and have more success on your hunts? Sit down, sip a coffee, dial in and prepare your mind for greatness….


ways to tell if a girl likes u

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: The U&S Guide


Ok, remember how I told you it was easy? Learn the signs and observe them? That is true, the hard part is there are a ton of signs, and variations of the signs.

So at a high level, yes it is easy to tell if a girl is into you or not, but once you get down to the nitty gritty implementation of it, I won’t lie, it is a fair amount of work and/or learning to pull off.

As such, I know you are probably like the rest of the internet generation and have been conditioned with ADD and a 8 second attention span, but I urge you to commit to reading this whole piece because this is a big fish to fry.

BUT, for your connivence and because I am “oh so nice”, or if you’re looking for something specific and simply want to jump to the 17 signs a girl likes you, use the table of contents below.



  1. The Ways Women Flirt
  2. What Type of Flirting Is Most Important To Observe?
  3. Signs Every Girl Uses?
  4. How Many Signs Do You Need To Be Sure She Likes You?
  5. The 5 Different Types Of Flirting


how to make sure a girl likes you

The Ways Women Flirt


The best and most effective way to tell whether or not a girl likes you, first and foremost quickly determine if she’s flirting with you, or just being nice.

There is a reason this is section numero uno in the guide because lets be real, if she’s not flirting, then cut the cord, save your money and move on.

Now just like there isn’t an easy one liner that encompasses how to tell if a girl likes you, there also isn’t an easy one liner that can tell you if a girl is flirting with you or not.

That is because there are a handful of different ways women flirt with men. Most “professionals” break down the different ways women flirt into 5 main types of flirting. They 5 types are:


  • Physical
  • Traditional
  • Polite
  • Sincere
  • Playful



how do i know if she likes me

How To Tell If A Girl Is Flirting With You: Physical Flirting


Physical touch absolutley paramount in the realm of flirting. If a girl goes out of her way to touch you. This is a good sign. She’s into it.

Common ways girls pull this off is playfully touching your big broad shoulders, giving you “flirtatious shoves” which is basically a gentle push. Touching your big strong manly arms while talking is another common way an interested girl will show it.

This type of flirting can crossover or overlap into “sincere flirting” which we will cover below but the main thing you need to look out for is any touching that she has to go out of her way to do. Meaning she has do decide and take action for the touch to occur.

Sometimes on dates you may end up bumping while walking or other reason pop up that she touches you, but not on purpose.

But if she makes effort to pull the touch off. She probably wants to touch something else if you know what I mean……

how to tell if a girl likes you - flirthing


 How To Tell If A Girl Is Flirting With You: Traditional Flirting


“Traditional Flirting” is basically when you (the man) go out of your way to flirt with her in any of the 5 ways. Or in anyway you may flirt really. But if she “receives” it meaning she accepts and reciprocates. This is “traditional flirting” Most girls won’t take the first action when it comes to flirting until the man has starting flirting and she has a chance to accept it.

So on your dates go out of your way early to flirt and see how she reacts, if she accepts and reciprocates then be on the lookout for all the other signs she is flirting with you.

Plus taking the initiate role in flirting is a big part of being a man.

how to know if a girl likes you

How To Tell If A Girl Is Flirting With You: Polite Flirting


What is “polite flirting”? Easy. It’s one party flat out telling the other they are interested.

Unfortunately (imo) this doesn’t really happen anymore. However, I think its good form to be confident and flat out tell a girl you are into her. I mean if you weren’t why are you on the date in the first place?

I also think that people need to be more genuine and communicate honestly which will eventually be its own blog post topic, but for now just keep in mind that some girls may be a bit taken aback and the direct honest approach, however it is very rare that a girl will not like being told she is desirable.

On the flip side I don’t think I have to explain why a girl telling you she is into it is a sign she’s flirting with you.

If you can’t pick up on that, then dear Lord may god have mercy upon thy soul.


how do you know if a girl likes you


How To Tell If A Girl Is Flirting With You: Sincere Flirting


Alright, pay close attention because this is the best of most valuable form of flirting to be on watch for.

If she is doing this, you are in like flynn.

“Sincere flirting” is the honest desire and expression that she wants to connect emotionally. This is different than the other types of flirting because this is the ultimate purpose of relationships in the first place.

If she wants to get to know the real you, and wants you to know the real her. She is interested in the most legitimate definition of the term. She is for real interested.

This is where you can put all the knowledge of how to ask good questions to use.


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How To Tell If A Girl Is Flirting With You: Playful Flirting


This is probably the most non-substantial type of flirting on the list. Not because it isn’t fun, but because it is fun. Sometimes women may not be truly interested, but they enjoy flirting, they enjoy playing so they will engage in playful flirting out of boredom.

This can sometimes come across and sincere or touch based flirting and often does overlap. Obviously it is a good sign if she is being playful with you, but if it is not coupled with other types of flirting then maybe beware.

She could just be using you for entertainment until she runs across a guy that she is actually into.

But, don’t cut her off just yet. It is always beneficial to be friends with girls as girls are friends with other girls. So if she’s not into it, still have a fun date, play with her and be her friend. She may not like you romantically, but if she likes being friends with you she will be willing to set you up or introduce you to her friends.


how do you know if a girl likes you

What Type Of Flirting Should I Look For?


Alright, now that you are an expert in the 5 most common types of flirting detailed above, you may be wondering which ones are the “best” types. I would recommend be on the watch mainly for these 3:

  • Sincere flirting
  • Playful flirting
  • Physical flirting

If a women is sincerely flirting with you, there’s a solid chance she likes you.

If she is playfully or physically flirting with you, she’s showing interested and for sure interested in finding out if she is really interested. Make sense?. It doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you yet, but she thinks she may like you and wants to find out.

As long as you don’t blow your fine. No pressure right?

Actually jokes aside, don’t worry about blowing it, just be yourself and if she decides its not for her, you may be bummed but you dodged a bullet.

But now its time to get to the real nitty gritty. Sincere flirting. Sincere flirting is probably the most substantial type of flirting and thus if I had to say only be on the lookout for 1 type of flirting, this would be it.

So here we go…..


how do i know if she likes me

How Can I tell If A Girl Is Sincerely Flirting With Me?


I am impressed you have read this far, this is a meaty post and it’s about to get extra meaty. Like a truck load of summer sausage glistening with greasy fat.

As stated above, sincere flirting is the most telling sign a girl likes you because its…..well sincere.

So below I will give some examples and signs that indicate specifically sincere flirting and thus are indicators that a girl is truly interested in your lap hog.

Kidding, it means she’s interested in you, not just your dick you horny bastard.

For the sake or brevity , I will breakdown sincere flirting into to make categories based on where the flirting takes place. There are two places this shit goes down.

  • In person
  • Digitally (texting, phone calls, Instagram, etc.)

Lets go over the in-person signs.


how can you tell if a girl likes you

In-person Signs That A Girl Likes You




If she is actually interested in a sincere way, she’s not going to beat around the bush when you take action and go for the invite to spend time together.

For example:

When you ask her to snag some food, get a coffee or run some errands big or small, she’ll say yes quick.

If she stalls and start throwing around excuses or “maybe’s” then she’s not into it.

If she actually does legitimatley have something planned and she is sincerely into you then she will make effort to reschedule and will update you asap.

She will respect your time if she is into it. She will respond with something like:

“Dang I can’t. I’m for real sorry…but I’d love to try something another time! Whats your schedule like?”

“I have plans tomorrow…but I’m free on Saturday!”




Women love talking, women love gossiping. One of the favorite subjects women like to chat to other women about is the men they are dick hungry for.

That was crass, I meant the men they have a “crush” on…..or the dicks they want to get crushed by!

Kidding kidding, but seriously they talk about the dudes they are into and brag to each-other. You know what I’m talking about. However the issue is how do you know if she has talked to her friends about you?

The answer is NOT to stalk or approach her friends, that could come across creepy. Usually, girls will unintentionally tell you something like:

“I was talking to my roommate the other day about how you have never  (insert activity or subject here). She couldn’t believe it either!”

She’s talking to her friends about you and you can rest assured she didn’t just talk about whatever she just brought up, she was talking the nitty gritty with her friends probably doing so in her underwear having sporadic pillow fights while sipping on chai latte’s from Starbucks.

One can hope right?




When you’re first getting to know each other, it’s chances are you’ll often be hanging out in a group based situation.

If a girl is interested in you and placed in a group setting she will do things like:

Make lots of eye contact.

Make it a point to sit close enough to you that the two of you can talk




Watch out for this one in two main situations:

When you first see her or meet up.

Compared to….

What does your friend do when you first see each other?

If a girl likes you, she’ll probably find a way to break the inner “touch barrier.” Almost always women do this with what I call the “legit hug” You know what I mean. Non legit hugs are done in a way to minimize physical contact, while a legit hug she’s gonna do a full hug which engages in full frontal contact baby?

Or in other words, if she lets her boobs squish up all over your man bod, its a legit hug. (And feels oh so good)

When You’re Hanging Out:

Track the number of times she touches you.

I say that if she breaks 5 times or above while you’re together (specifically on the knee, shoulder, or arm), then she’s further breaking that “touch barrier.” and just salivating at your awesomeness.

Girls are often touched when they don’t want to be, both on large and small scales. They don’t have a hard time getting physical contact from men, so if she is going out of her way to get contact from you specifically, then she is most definitely interested in you.



This isn’t just a good sign that she likes you, this is a good sign you are compatible. If you can’t enjoy talking to each-other, then she’s probably not having fun and thus not only not into you, but probably not a good fit and you both will feel that.

But if a two hour date morphs its way  into an eight hour date, and does it easily and effortlessly then  this is a good thing padawan. Very good thing.

If this is happening to you…

…she definitely likes you.

Don’t think twice about it and stop 2nd guessing. Lock her in.




As much as people say they are “real” nobody is truly at a 100% level. Especially when it comes to dating and super especially when your just starting out to date.

Everybody is on their best behavior, they are curbing things that may not be universally heralded as good traits or opinions. If she starts to open up and let you see the real her, good and bad.

She’s not just interested in you, she is really interested in a very sincere way. She wants to develop a real relationship with you, not just be entertained or bang.




This is basically the same sign as above, but in a different form. If she is expressing her sincere plans, hopes, desires and /or dreams and then asking you to share the same.

She is sincerely interested in you and you no longer need to be asking yourself, “Does this girl like me?”

If she shares personal experiences that are negative or traumatic, this applies as well. She will only do this if she is interested in a real relationship and she knows that you are going to need to know the real her to find out if the relationship is a good fit.

When she does this, make sure to reciprocate so she doesn’t feel vulnerable or shut down.




This should and is a dead giveaway of her interest.

When a woman loops you int0 her future plans, it means she is envisioning you in her future…

This is pretty damn clear cut.

This type of clue could take the form in both small and extreme “future” scenarios. It could manifest itself in something like, “We should see (insert movie) when it comes out,” or on the extreme side, “My friend is getting married, would you want to come to the wedding with me?”

If she is asking you to attend a friends wedding, she is basically saying she wants to bear your children.

Not really, but that would be a super dead giveaway because of the tone of the situation and the fact she will be seen with you in front of all her friends and family.

It means she wants to show you off. And she would only want to do that if she was into you.




Most women won’t seriously date a guy who hasn’t been given the official green light approval from her closest friends and/or family.

So, if she’s throwing things out like, “You need to meet my roommates. They’d love you!” or “My friends have been really wanting to meet you,” it tells you two things:

She’s told her friends about you (sign #2)

She want her friends’ opinion of you.

If she’s including her friends in the dating game your playing, she seriously considering going the distance with you.




Is she constantly checking her Facebook, sending texts, or making calls when she’s with you?

Kick her to the curb!

No really, if she is, then she’s not into it, if she isn’t….well in this social media addicted world we live in, then she’s really into you if she’s not phone-gasiming over Kardasihain Instagram posts while you hang out.



Don’t expect 100% no phone while she’s with you, but look out for excessive phone use that comes at the expense of interaction.




Naturally if a girl is sincerely into you, she will not shy away from 1 on 1 situations. In fact if your not initiating 1 v 1 hangouts and she’s into it, she will try to initiate some for you (you big pussy) She will be wanting more personal conversations, more intimate flirting and if your luck the infamous 1st kiss.

So, if you’ve been consistently spending time with a girl for 5-6 weeks, and she still doesn’t want to hang out 1 v 1,  you have been friend-zoned sir.


how do i know if a girl likes me

How Do You Know A Girl Likes You – Digital Signs


Cell phones, internet, tinder and the rest have basically completely overhauled the “game” for generations to come.

There is a whole new level to flirting, dating, and communicating that is still in it’s infancy to be honest. So some of these signs or tips may quickly evolve or become obsolete because we are running full speed into the singularity.

But until then, I will do my best to share what I have learned about telling if women like you on the digital front.

According to Pew Research, 41% of young adults in serious relationships report feeling closer to their partner because of technology.

So, if you’re still asking yourself how to know if a girl likes you, don’t forget to factor in the digital signals into your equation.




Often times the texting game devolves into “whoever cares less wins” this is an unfortunate part of the digital flirting reality at the moment, but if a girl likes you she will at least try to maintain contact every other day.

If you go dark for a day or two and she chimes in trying to re-engage, that means she’s into it. That is what men do to women they like, so it goes both ways.




This is self explanatory. If she responds with the bare minimum. She’s not into it. If she keeps the conversation going  she is into it.

That simple.




Related to the above points, if she is initiation the texts, more often than you….there is no question she is into it.

No. Question.




If you make a cameo on any of her social channels, it’s a balls to the wall clear cut telltale sign she likes you.

If she in any way broadcasts to the world that she’s been hanging out with you, she is not only into you, but “bragging” to her digital social circles that she got herself a manly badass man.

Because your manly and a badass.


Don’t stalk her social profiles, that is weak counter-productive as well as I think puts you into a bad mindset for kicking ass.




This one is huge.

When women have feelings for someone, then everything reminds them of that person.

Think about it:

You catch a flick and think, “Oh, (girl you’re digging on) would love that.”

You see or try a new food joint, “Oh, I should totally tell (girl you’re into’) about that place. She loves (insert food type here) food.”

Women are the same way, if she is tagging our connecting on social media, it means your on her mind. Women don’t waste emotional CPU bandwidth thinking on men they are not into.




Self explanatory. You get it by now.


how do you know a girl likes you

How Many Signs Means She For Sure Likes You?


While there’s no hard and fast rule, but I would wager if a girl locks down:

5+ or more of these signs, i’d throw money down she’s interested in a legit relationship.

3-4, she’s interested in finding out how interested she really is. She sees potential, but isn’t sure yet.

1-2 isn’t enough to nail down fully if she likes you or not. However, it doesn’t mean you, though. If you like her, continue pursuing her and wait for her to show you more signs.


In Conclusion

Go chase and observe.

* extra activities to help:

Skip the masturbation. Optimize your T. Nail down your sense of self.

Happy hunting gents.


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