How to Get Rid of Man Boobs (Gynecomastia) Without Surgery

Getting Rid of Gynecomastia Naturally : The Untroubled & Strong Guide

Written by on August 10, 2016

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how to get rid of gynecomastia without surgery

How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia Naturally Without Surgery


I can think of almost nothing more utterly obliterating to a man’s confidence for than having “man boobs” or technically known as “Gynecomastia”. Ever since Fight club coined the term “bitch tits” into the mainstream with the character Robert “Bob” Paulson and made man boobs a running gag I imagine the amount of shame and embarrassment males with gynecomastia felt skyrocketed post Fight Club.

For sure man boobs hinders your ability to develop a healthy sense of self.

I would wager it is right up there with being mocked for your penis size. Luckily unlike penis size fixing bitch tits is not only possible but not as hard as one may think.

“Thats all fine and dandy Mr. Johhny Cage, but how do you tell if you have gynecomastia in the first place?”

Do you have tits instead of pecks?

Case closed asshole.

No seriously, there is no fancy testing or chemicals that appear if you have legit gyno, you simply can just look at yourself and if you see saggy man boobs in place of pecks, or you have a bit of gyno nipples going on (puffy nips) then I would wager a significant amount of money you have low T. Nothing personal, but most men have low T these days and if your seeing moobs then you have it.

But don’t fret it’s not that big of a deal! 

Does gyno go away? Sometimes if your just having some hormone stuff happening temporarily as our bodies sometimes do that, it will. Chances are if you have it, it can go away if you take intelligent action. I will supply the intelligence, you supply the action.

There are surgical options for remedying man boobs but you don’t need surgery! Don’t believe anyone or any doctor claiming surgery is a gynecomastia cure. That is straight horse shit. The method to fix man boobs without surgery is to fix the problem that caused the bitch tits in the first place! As opposed to surgery essentially being a bandaid over the problem so to speak.

If you have man boobs, again don’t fret (I will explain the reasoning behind why stressing about it is actually making it worse below), don’t be ashamed and remember that your physical appearance is only an indicator of your manhood, real manhood is something deeper.  Most importantly understand what is actually going on. It is an increasing problem in modern day society because man boobs are linked to your testosterone levels. Globally year after year , men’s testosterone levels are decreasing which naturally is raising the amount of men suffering from gynecomastia.

Good news is, there are ways to answer the question you must be thinking, “How do I get rid of gynecomastia without surgery?”

Well first, lets look into why are male T levels plummeting? Well we discuss that in depth here, but in a nutshell it probably has something to do with our food supply, exposure to chemicals and lifestyle’s reacting to the reality most men find themselves in.

It is a fact that T levels are dropping for all men across the board, you would think this would be an open topic that men objectively tackle. That’s what we do as men! We solve problems, we do shit.

However, despite some awareness increasing around the subject for the most part men are suffering in silence. Most men think surgery is the only option, they think something is fundamentally wrong with them when in reality some targeted lifestyle changes will handle the problem.

Most cases of gynecomastia can be fixed naturally. There are some gynecomastia treatments without surgery people will attempt to charge you for, but don’t pay them. Their “treatments” are basically charging you an arm and a leg to get the same information I will be laying out in this article.

However, there are some cases with extreme weight loss and / or long term cases that may need surgery to completely take away the cosmetic consequences of the gyno, but you can still fix the underlying hormonal problem naturally.

Lastly, there is a small portion of men that may be experiencing low T due factors other than the ones causing global levels to drop. Things like testicular varicose veins, pituitary gland problems, thyroid problems, injury and so forth. Following the steps detailed below will definitely help and probably make a big difference, but to completely remedy the problem in these rare cases the medical condition will need to be treated in conjunction.

Long story short, raising your T levels is bar-none the best way to get rid of man boobs. It is the best way to  get rid of your moobs fast! Definitley better than getting scamed into buying some “gyno pills” that don’t work and better than getting icky icky man boob surgery. Raising your T levels is really your only option if you are wondering how to lose man boobs naturally and quickly.

Ready to get rid of those “bitch tits”? If not, whats stopping you? Sit up straight, take a deep breath and read. Once your done go take action. Create a discipline challenge around what you learn by reading my shitty writing.

Long introduction out of the way, now onto how to get rid of gyno naturally and fast!


get rid of gynecomastia

Correcting the Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio


What is the ideal testosterone to estrogen ratio for curing gynecomastia naturally?

If you are developing symptoms of gynecomastia the chances are that elevated estrogen levels are the culprit. When I say chances, I mean somewhere around the 99% range. Estrogen levels that are too high almost always cause gynecomastia as a side effect.


Simply put estrogen is the main hormone that makes women….well women. What is a defining characteristic physiologically that women have and men don’t?


Estrogen really likes to bind into the androgen & estrogen receptors inside the body.  This manifests itself in “feminine” physical and emotional attributes being expressed. This is why people can have sex changes, your hormones control what your body does. If you have elevated amounts of the “female” hormone masquerading around your bloodstream then your body is going to start expressing “female” traits naturally. When those excess estrogen hormones start making their way to your chest, take a guess on how they are going to manifest themselves?

Yup, tits.

With unnatural estrogen to testosterone ratios you literally grow breasts the same way women do, because the driving force for feminine traits like breasts is the estrogen hormone. Boiled down into monkey talk, estrogen makes women, testosterone makes men. Men get muscles and a one – eyed lap hog while women get tits and clams. Hormones are the things that make this happen.

So if your body has high levels of estrogen in relation to your testosterone levels as a man, it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or workout all day, your body literally has the chemical make up inching closer and closer to that of an actual woman’s chemical make up.  

Man boobs are usually the first and most common sign that your estrogen levels are not in a good ratio with your testosterone levels. There are obviously other side effects to out of whack estrogen levels (internal link), but for most men bitch tits is going to be the first big red flag that something is up.

Now for those men who are overweight, you may erroneously think your man boobs are a result of your weight problem, and you are partially right. Weight can play a big factor in influencing both your testosterone and estrogen levels but often men lose the weight and the bitch tits still remain.

Depending on the amount of weight that is lost, there may still be some loose skin that needs tightening but your body will reel that in naturally over time. So why do the man boobs persist?
Well, have you ever seen a skinny girl rocking a six pack abs with breasts so large they cause men pop boners like it’s their job. ( Well it kinds is their job, at least one of them).

That’s because of estrogen. If your estrogen to testosterone ratio is not in balance, no amount of pushups, bench presses, running and dieting is going to fix the man boobs for the same reason skinny women can still have big breasts. The estrogen levels are causing the tissue to grow, not the fat.

Fortunately fixing this hormonal imbalance is actually pretty simple.

Increase your testosterone and decrease your estrogen.

This site is filled with ways to increase your testosterone naturally (internal link) which will help start pushing that testosterone to estrogen ratio to a more optimal number. But you are also gonna need to drop those estrogen levels. Luckily there plenty of options to accomplish this which brings me to my next point…

how to get rid of manboobs

Aromatase Enzyme


If you are looking to cure gynecomastia naturally then you need to understand what the aromatase enzyme is. This little enzyme is notorious for a reason and rightfully feared by men worldwide. Why is it so notorious?

This little fucker is an enzyme that through a handful of process (among other things) takes your hard-earned testosterone and turns it into estrogen. Effectively turning you into a vagina from the inside out.

Now in all seriousness, your body has this capability for a reason, it is part of your body attempting to regulate your hormonal levels, so aromatase enzymes are not  ALL bad, but when men have high amounts of this enzyme in their blood it can cause some problems. This is why that simply raising your testosterone levels won’t cure gynecomastia naturally.

In fact if you have really high levels of this enzyme in your blood and you raise your testosterone, this enzyme will take your extra testosterone and convert it into estrogen. Which means your elevated T levels could end up actually making your gynecomastia worse!

Now you see why I call the aromatase enzyme a “little fucker”.

This means even if you’re a man with what I consider “high” testosterone levels (internal link) you could still get bitch tits. You’ve probably seen some guys like this, muscular, covered in hair and thick jaws but still have those pear shaped soft pectorals.

You may even see them benching some absurd amounts like 4 plates on each side with a six pack you could wash your clothes on yet they still have man boobs. This is because all the muscle is coming from high T, and the bitch tits from the high E.

So the plan of action is to inhibit or “block” your aromatase enzyme levels which will naturally decrease your estrogen levels. When coupling that with naturally increasing your testosterone levels you can get rid of the man boobs fast.

The most effective way for most men to lower their “little fucker” levels is to lose weight. And by weight I mean body fat levels specifically. If you are looking to cure man boobs naturally, step one should be to lower your body fat percentage.

Now I used examples of skinny men still having bitch tits above, and this definitely can and does happen.  In this case you need to go the extra step and actively start doing things that are shown to lower aromatase enzyme levels. The below links are a good starting point for this.


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Lower Your Prolactin Levels


Another powerful method in fixing gynecomastia & man boobs without surgery is to know how to lower prolactin levels naturally.  Prolactin is another hormone that influences breast growth as well as milk secretion in women. It’s like estrogen’s cousin.

However, just like estrogen men have small amounts of prolactin in their blood as well.

Also just like estrogen, some men for various reasons will have extra amounts of prolactin in their blood, which especially combined with elevated levels of estrogen, bitch tits are for sure not too far around the corner.

This is almost just as common in men with cases of gynecomastia as high estrogen levels. Most cases involve high prolactin levels. Actually the most common culprit for bitch tits is a nasty combination of low testosterone, high estrogen, and high prolactin. When those three combine powers, the juggies come out and play.

Ever notice that right after you masturbate you feel lazy, sluggish and unmotivated. This can be a good thing if you need to fall asleep or relax but it can be a very bad thing as well.

Why is jerkin’ your chain 5 times a day a bad thing? Besides the fact you are not putting your effort into finding a real women and getting your jollies they way your body was designed to there is also the fact that your prolactin levels skyrocket every time you blow your load. This is partially why you feel so sluggish afterwards. Furthermore your testosterone and dopamine levels temporarily plummet after ejaculating as well.

But after ejaculation something doesn’t plummet, it actually rises. Your estrogen levels. Yup, it may sound counterintuitive but your estrogen levels rise and your testosterone levels drop after shoot those swimmers out to their certain death. Well not just your levels, more specifically receptors and neural pathways change, but to the ultimate effect of lower T and higher E

So besides from killing your discipline muscles, rewiring your brain, and creating addictive behaviour loops, excessive masturbation (especially with porn) can amplify your bitch tit problem. (Check out more about the effects of masturabtion) (internal link)

There’s also plenty of other ways to lower prolactin levels naturally, check out an effective list we compiled here. (internal link)


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Be Smart with Exercise


Now exercise is not going to completely cure the hormonal imbalance that causes man boobs but there are exercises to naturally lose man boobs you can do to help your cause. Often men with gynecomastia will start going ape-shit crazy lifting their chests. They do this because it makes sense right? Build more muscle on your chest to take away from the breast tissue of the man boobs. This is true as well as helping reducing the “hanging” properties of bitch tits.

But it’s not a good solution if your wondering, “How to get rid of chest fat?”

The problem is many men lift their chests in a way that although increasing muscle size of the chest actually accentuates the man boobs and makes them more noticeable. This can be especially frustrating if you have ever experienced this.

This happens because men with gynecomastia will focus on benching and push-ups which primarily increase the strength and size of the lower chest. Ironically right where the bitch tits are hanging. Increasing your lower pec actually ends up “pushing out” your man boobs making them more noticeable.

Coupled with lowering your E and increasing your T the most effective exercises to lose man boobs are diamond push ups and incline bench presses. Not only do these workout normally underused portions of your chest, but they increase your upper chest size which gives the illusion of shrinking your man boobs.

Another problem is that many men start with high rep, low weight workouts with massive volume. Many erroneously think they need to “feel the burn” in order to burn fat and gain strength.

You don’t need to feel the burn, at least not for the purpose of strength and size gains.

Throw some big ass weights on the bench, figure out what weight you can do 3-4 reps at maximum effort and start there. Also it may seem like a good idea to train daily, and go hard in the paint as much as possible. You should get results faster right? Nope. This is counter productive because daily harsh training raises your cortisol levels which in turn lower your testosterone levels.

Work out super hard, lift big heavy ass weights and get ample rest before you do it again.


how to cure gynecomastia without surgery

Lose the Fat Mass But Be Smart with It


As I mentioned above, losing weight, specifically losing body fat is one of the most effective ways to lose man boobs naturally.

Again, focus on losing fat, not weight.

Have you ever heard of the term “skinnyfat”? This basically means people who may not weigh a lot in terms of actual lbs on the scale, but have high percentages of body fat. This actually is very unhealthy as the majority of your weight is coming from body fat instead of muscle mass. If you’re trying to lose man boobs naturally focus on your muscle to fat ratio. Lift weights to increase muscle and diet to lose body fat.

When dieting don’t focus on lowering your calorie intake as very low calorie intakes have shown to lower testosterone in men. Also don’t go for anything dubbed or marketed as “low fat” often the shit food manufactures do to make a food “low fat” is worse for you than the actual fat. In fact you need a fair amount of fat in order for your body to produce anabolic hormones. These hormones are what allow your body to burn fat for fuel in the first place as well as provide the building blocks for creating things like testosterone and growth hormone.

Basically, don’t eat like a women, you are a man.

If you’re looking for a good comprehensive breakdown on a diet based around increasing testosterone levels, burning fat and getting the most gains from your muscles The Man Diet from Chad Howse is a good starting point.


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Stop Stressing out About the Situation


Stress can induce gynecomastia. Stress can increase estrogen levels in general because it raises cortisol levels which have been shown to influence lower T and higher E.

I understand that having man boobs is very embarrassing and devastating to your confidence. But honestly, it is nothing to be ashamed about. Really it is just some hormones are out of balance in your body. Do you feel ashamed if you have a lack of vitamin D? I know the side effects of low vitamin D are not nearly as obvious, but the parallel is the same. Your body simply needs some help in maintaining a healthy testosterone to estrogen ratio.

That’s it.

Not knowing whats causing your man boobs can add fuel to the fire, but hopefully this post helped clear some of that up. Depression also destroys T levels as well as makes it really hard to take action on anything.

Stress raises cortisol, which raises estrogen while inducing fat gains which in decimate your testosterone levels. It can become a very harsh downward spiral. Stress and depression are a nasty combo for many many things, and gynecomastia is one of them.

So do your best to relax and understand objectively the situation. A situation you have control over and you can directly influence. Don’t dwell on the problem, understand the problem and dwell on the ways you can fix the problem.

Just by doing that you will be unintentionally raising your testosterone and lowering your estrogen without even really knowing it.



If you were to quickly do a google search for “how to get rid of man boobs”, the majority of the results are going to be total horse-shit. “Miracle “ drugs, supplements, flashy bottles or people pressuring you into surgery. None of these really work as they do not tackle the real problem.

Hormonal imbalance.

I really hope that this article inspires you to make some healthy changes and putting more effort into ways you can increase your testosterone levels naturally as well as lower your estrogen levels naturally.

You will find that doing so fixes more problems than man boobs. In can improve your sex life with your wife/girlfriend, it will help you have confidence to improve your dating game, and a whole slew of other issues.

High testosterone feels good, it benefits basically every aspect of life but is almost always the best route in learning how to eliminate man boobs naturally and quickly.

Now get to work and let us know your success stories. Hell maybe tighting up those tits into greek god pecks will help you take action with that girl that has thrown you into the infamous friend-zone. No matter what, seriously take action and let me know your results!

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