How do I Know If My Testosterone Levels are Increasing? 7 Signs of High Testosterone

Hint: Giant muscles & undying erections may be 2 of them....

Written by on August 15, 2016

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How To Tell If  You Have High Or Low Levels Of Testosterone


First things first, that picture above is gnarly right? Well, you only look like that with great genetics and probably high levels of T that are only possible with steroids.

Just being real here. Don’t try to judge yourself and estimate your T levels based on when you see guys like the dude above at the gym. Most of not all of them are on roids. Just know this.

I’m not against roids or TRT, but I don’t like how much deception is in the industry because many people feel like failures when they cant get the above body naturally.

You could possibly if you had the utmost elite level of genetics, but statistically most of us are not going to be in that boat.

Further more nobody totally agrees on the general optimal level of testosterone for healthy men so In this post we are going to focus more on signs and how you feel to help you determine if your levels are rising or not.

Anyway, I digress….

So you’ve been following the program, lifting weights, taking supplements, and altering your diet. You’re adjusting your posture, changing your mindsets, avoiding internet porn, and doing everything you can to get your testosterone levels to rise. How do you know if what you’re doing is working?

After all, what we’re after here is to become the high testosterone alpha male that women can’t resist and leave behind the old bad habits and ways of being that have been proven to lower our hormonal best friend, testosterone.

Turns out there are physical signs and symptoms of testosterone levels increasing. You can assess what’s happening with your testosterone levels in a fairly objective way by observing these physical signs. There are also internal state changes that happen as well. You may find yourself more driven in life for example (motivational changes).

So let’s take a look. Consider these bench marks or sign posts for yourself and the changes you’re attempting to create. Use these 7 indicators to determine if the testosterone optimizing protocol you’ve applied is working.


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1. Higher Sex Drive


Did that picture give your tip a little tingle, or did you feel the stirring in your loins? Or did it do nothing for you?

Sex drive and testosterone levels have been linked over and over again. When you increase your testosterone levels, your sex drive increases along side with it.

The question naturally becomes, has your sex drive been increasing? Since you’ve adopted the anabolic lifestyle, have you noticed your desire for sex going up? Is your wife licking her lips over your lap hog? Because if your T goes up, shes gonna’ sense it believe me.

Are you waking up with diamond rock hard erections?

If you answered “yeah I’m watching more porn than ever!” to that question, it’s time to reassess. Porn artificially increasing your sex drive, which ends up messing you up. We’ve identified porn as a powerful killer of testosterone so that’s now what we’re talking about.

What we are talking about is sex drive in real life. When you see attractive women on the street for example, are you drawn toward them? How about this, do you find yourself actually putting yourself out there, using good questions to talk to them because your desire has increased. That’s real sex drive and that’s what we’re after.


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2. More Drive and Aggression


By aggression I don’t mean “have you picked fights with strangers and yelled in your car while in traffic in the past week.” Those are beta male, high cortisol behaviors. What I’m talking about is motivation and drive.

So let me rephrase… do you find yourself being more aggressive with what you’re after in life? Are you finding yourself going for what you want with little to no fear of failure? Are you aggressively seeking and destroying the obstacles that hold you back?

That’s aggression and if your testosterone levels are increasing, you should be noticing an aggressive sense of motivation and drive kicking in with it.


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3. Increased Physical Strength


Again with the badass muscle picture? Look the guy above is most likely on roids and anavar to get that look. I like these pictures because they are motivating but remember this isn’t naturally (probably, no offense to the model)

You’re lifting weights now, right? Because if you’re not, you’re missing out on a ton of life improving benefits (like we’ve talked about before). One of the most important ones being, increased testosterone.

When your testosterone levels begins to increase you’ll find yourself getting stronger. You will definitely notice this in the gym and you’ll probably notice it during random events in daily life as well. Maybe you load up on groceries and proceed to carry in 10+ plastic bags filled with only your left arm…like a boss… like it’s no big deal. Maybe you pull an alpha hug on a girl you’ve just taken out and pick her up by her ass with no struggle at all.

When you’re following the protocol, you should be noticing that you’re becoming a physically stronger person both in the weight room and in everyday life. You may not look like the dudes in the pictures because again, they are probably reaaaaaaly high T but you will notice your physicality changing in a positive direction. Your man boobs will shrink and functional strength will start manifesting itself.


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4. More Facial & Body Hair


Don’t you love this pic of me? ……I wish right
High testosterone is associated with body and facial hair. This is not always the case, but generally it is so.

We’ve had all kinds of guys tell just that their beard got thicker and fuller once they started following the anabolic protocol. We’ve also noticed that chest hair begins to fill in and get thicker as well.

What’s happened with your facial and body hair since you’ve started optimizing your testosterone levels? If you’re successfully increasing your levels, you might be noticing them become more full and voluptuous.


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5. Wider Shoulders


Awwww dem’ wide ass shoulders that create that V look… what every guy wants and every girl dreams of. There’s a reason why you’ll never see a Disney prince have anything but wide manly shoulders and there’s a reason why wide shoulders are considered manly and attractive universally. It’s because they indicate higher testosterone.

Now, we can’t expect to defy our genetic limits with this one, but we can expect to optimize our genetic potential. One of the biggest signs that you’re increasing your testosterone levels will be the appearance of wider shoulders. This can happen for a few reasons.

  • You’ve lowered your body fat.

You’re finally eating right! Avoiding shitty foods, and increasing your protein and healthy fats. Plus you’re working out. These things combined obviously lead to lower body fat. Now that all that back fat, love handles, and stomach fat have been reduced, your should have started to pop. Congrats! When it comes to your proportions, you now have wider shoulders.

  • Your shoulders are physically wider.

Again, you’re finally eating right and hitting the gym hard. You’ve followed the protocol you’ve packed on 10 lbs of rock hard muscle. Congratulations! You literally have wider shoulders.


signs of high testerone

6. Deeper more Manly Voice


Men with higher testosterone generally have deeper voices. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but it is generally true.

But more important than looking at other people, let’s take a look at ourselves. Since you’ve begun the process of optimizing your testosterone levels, has your voice deepened and gotten more authoritative and manly?

If what your doing is successful, the answer should be yes. Now, don’t confuse this with thinking that if you don’t have the rich bass voice of Barry Manelow that you’re a failure. No. We all have different depths and tones to our voice. However, with that said, you should be noticed subtle shifts in your voice from following the testosterone optimizing protocol we talk about on this site. You should notice it becoming a bit deeper, a bit more authoritative, and when you talk it should feel a bit more ‘manly.’


Optimizing your natural testosterone levels is one hell of a ride. It’s not easy and it can require a complete lifestyle overhaul at the very least. First focus on natural testosterone boosters and a better lifestyle before you even think about trying anything else. But make no mistake about it, the payoff is huge.

These 6 things are some of the payoff you can expect when you’re a man with optimized testosterone levels. Higher sex drive, more drive and aggression, increased physical strength, more facial & body hair, wider shoulders, and a deeper more manly voice.

These things will make you more attractive to women, and more likely to succeed. If you’re new to the site, thanks for stopping by! We’re here to help you experience a better life by optimizing your testosterone levels to their natural peak.

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