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The best sites for men to buy cool stuff

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“Dude I Want That!” – Sites To Buy Cool Stuff For Guys

The U&S Guide To Dopeness


Since the dawn of time men have been generalized as wanting nothing to do other than fighting and f**king. This is unfair and simply not true. It is a shame to reduce the complexity of men into an over simplified personification of the nuanced badassery that entails manliness ok? We like to fight, f**k AND have cool gear.

Jokes aside, there is actually  quite a bit to being a legit man but if we are being honest here, we do like our gadgets. People may say were simply hairless monkey’s googling over the next shiny object, which may be true to an extent, but I like to think its because we appreciate the intelligence that goes into making dope shit. If you have ever flown a quadcopter / drone or driven a luxury car then you know the feelings. It isn’t just shiny objects, they don’t give us the tingle in our loins if there isn’t a truckload of intelligence poured into the gadget.

We respect, admire and admittedly envy the intelligence behinds cool gear and gadgets. That is why we seek them, they inspire us. Thus here at U&S we tend to “waste” time surfing the web looking for cool shit and below you will find some of the sites we like to browse when we want to get our gadget fix in.


Stuff Guys Want


Sites With Cool Man Stuff


Keep in mind this list will change. It should change as we find cooler and cooler gear for men. Better and better stuff that gets our juices flowin’ On each site we mention we will throw in some products we think are legit along with any content the site has produced that we think is legit. If you have anything to add hit us up and share your knowledge!

Without further delay que the drum roll…..


Cool Things For Men - Hypebeast



Are you ready to enter the rabbit hole of classy swag? Generally I hate the word swag but if anybody can bring class to the word it is Hypebeast. Originally a men’s street-wear and style blog it has evolved into aggregating the slickest, cleanest and most stylistic content on the web. They are constantly posting cool products for men and have recently branched into writing original, thought provoking and surprisingly well put together content. From news to opinions Hypebeast has been able to execute production of massive amounts of content and never losing an ounce of quality when it comes to style while doing it.

To be perfectly honest, I consciously think of emulating the visual style and tone of Hypebeast whenever I am actively crafting my sense of self.  There is a lot of intelligence in every aspect of their site, their visuals, their writing, their products and everything in-between.

However, fair warning make sure your wallet is ready when you hit this site because your bank account will be in grave danger.


stuff guys want




DAMN SON! technically is a record label that puts out “future” music. But they  have evolved over the years and morphed into an all around lifestyle brand. As far as cool stuff to buy for men, cool gadgets for men and finding badass stuff for guys you may not find much of actual physical product on their site. You may be wondering why we included this site on the list of sites with stuff men want. That is a valid question.

Besides from offering clothes that help you get to looking steezy this site makes the list because no matter what gadgets you are playing with, no matter what trips your are taking and no matter what your doing at all ever for that matter, life is more badass with good music. Following the logic of my opening paragraph men like gadgets mainly because of the intelligence poured into them. Music is no different and in my experience a good track can scratch the same itch a cool gadget can.

DS! puts out a weekly radio show on their soundcloud and you can cop a whole grundle of free music from their bandcamp in a flash as well.



dude I want that


Dude!!! I Want That


DudeIWantThat.com is what happens when two legit men with a inability to check their own rampant capitalistic out of control consumerism with some simple self control and subsequently spend an ungodly amount of time pillaging every corner of the world wide web to unearth the coolest stuff for men to then post on their site for your convenience. They have done all the hard work for you!  As a curator and aggregator of all the best stuff guys want they dig into the endless abyss of online retailers, independent artists’ marketplaces, and fundraising sites, and emerges with cool guy stuff that is usually dripping with intelligence. Hence why it’s “cool”


They don’t sell anything actually on the site, but make it very convenient to spend your money on anything they feature should you choose to do so.




Werd. is like a killer pinterest blog for men. It may not look that fancy upon first glance, but as you start scrolling I would wager there is a 97% chance you will find something that sparks your interest within 2-3 minutes. I would bet my left nut on it. There is so much cool man stuff on this site it is often overwhelming. They cover gear, decorations, opinions, cars, grooming, sports and much more. I admit that sometimes posts and content can be a bit forceful in its quest for getting you to spend some hard earned freedom units  (slang for cash) Take a gander and hit us up in the comment section about what you dig on Werd.

Also for the record, they have a killer domain name and I am legit jealous.



cool products blog




Huckberry is basically if Hypebeast gorilla banged REI, peaced out and left REI to realize it was prego with this little project called Huckberry. It’s the most stylish and authentic outdoor focused man site on the internet. Besides having a constant flow of cool stuff you can buy for men (and women to be fair) they , like many other sites have expanded into writing content geared toward the men who like the products they feature.

Lots of outdoor gear, reviews, treks, stories and culture all mixed in with a very razor focused quality control on style and presentation. Simply just scrolling through the site you can sense how much intelligence has gone into every detail, every decisions, every design and every word. What makes them so special is they put just as much intelligence into the Huckberry experience as the people who make the products they feature.

Huckberry will scratch the gear itch and inspire you.





While you’re toiling away working at the office, getting dolled up to go hit the gym, or pre-gaming for a all night rager, Manpacks delivers the essentials for any adventure on your schedule and on your terms. Man-packs may have a truck-load of cool items for men but their main focus is on automating your daily routines. This is the the intelligence comes into play, but this focus on automation naturally includes the products necessary to execute said automation.

You get your intelligence and your cool man stuff in one fell swoop.

Starting back in 2009, the head guru’s and future founders of Manpacks were frustrated with how much time something like re-stocking their sock drawer would take. Eventually they brainstormed and created the Manpacks model which is to ship customers the bare essentials on a schedule. Get the most basic stuff for men that every man needs without the headache and time waste of running to the local wal-mart every couple months.


Don’t waste time keeping up with the essentials because Manpacks doesn’t also automate, but the products they include in thier pacs are bar-none the best versions of each item on the internet.


 cool men stuff

Cool Material


In short, Cool Material is just about highlighting “stuff guys want”.

They offer a daily source for better gadgets, impactful articles, and legit breakdowns on all the stuff guys want.
Focusing on what they find is the most exciting products on the market today, their enthusiasm has taken the site from a small start up blog in 09′ to the content powerhouse it is today. Today, not only do they aggregate a daily selection of curated cool items for men, but they also churn out workshops, stories about innovative brands and craftsmen, and in general pump out interesting content for the man who is into cool shit. Like many of the sites on this list, they have been able to scale at an extremely large level and maintain a level of quality while doing so.

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