26 Things I Know to Be True

Written by on June 28, 2016

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I don’t know much.

Hell, I don’t even know which way is up and which way is down.

Do you?

I used to think I knew such a basic thing until I looked at it deeper. What I realized is that something as simple as up and down is somewhat of a delusion!

Think about it, we’re on a spinning planet that is wobbling. So what you think is up and down is constantly changing. In other words, up and down are mental concepts that don’t actually exist in the reality of this universe. The universe has no up and down. As humans, we made it up. It’s convenient for communication and I’m glad we made it up, but it has no basis in actual reality.

So if you can’t even know which was is up and which way is down, what can you know?

People believe they know so many things, but the reality is they’re living in a head full of delusion. And the delusions may be 100% reinforced by other people around them — but it’s still delusion. It’s called collective delusion and you can look at any culture throughout history and see that it completely rules people’s thinking (you think our culture is any different?).

Practicing self-honesty

Over the years, I’ve been practicing self-honesty. The practice is quite simple: everyday I simply admit to myself “I do not know” whenever I encounter situations or think of ideas that…… get this — I do not know. I stop my mind from making something up, creating assumptions and I simply admit “I don’t know.” I’m constantly attempting to be as objective with myself as possible. “Do I actually know this?” That is always the question I’m asking.

I’ve found this to be liberating and peace generating because admitting to yourself that you do not know is the truth. Truth is peaceful. It couldn’t be anything else. A head full of delusions? That’s chaos because it’s a lie.

So what do I know?

Admittedly not much. But I do know my own vibe, my feelings. There’s an inner compass and it’s direction comes in the form of ‘feels.’ Some call this intuition, and it resides within everyone.

But there are some things that I do know and here’s a list of 26 of them. None of these will be anything revolutionary because you already know them too! But be honest with yourself — are you consciously cultivating them? If you don’t put what you know into action, what’s the use?

  1. Being intense feels better than being lethargic
  2. Being motivated feels better than being apathetic
  3. Being loving feels better than being fearful
  4. Having faith feels better than having worry (faith and belief are NOT the same thing)
  5. Having fun feels better than being stifled
  6. Feeling freedom is better than feeling constraint
  7. Being happy feels better than being sad
  8. Being willing feels better than being lazy
  9. Being kind feels better than being aloof
  10. Acceptance feels better than judgement
  11. Being strong feels better than being weak
  12. Letting go feels better than clinging on
  13. Doing your best feels better than being perfect, or doing nothing at all
  14. Assuming the best feels better than assuming the worst
  15. Being jolly feels better than being gloomy
  16. Being confident feels better than being small
  17. Accepting yourself feels better than criticizing yourself
  18. Choice feels better than compulsion
  19. Personal power feels better than addiction
  20. Honesty feels better than lies
  21. Truth feels better than error
  22. Expression feels better than repression
  23. Taking responsibility feels better than making excuses
  24. Being thorough feels better than cutting corners
  25. Peace feels better than drama
  26. Aliveness feels better than dullness

I saved aliveness for the last one for a reason. These 26 things create a more alive feeling within me. That’s ultimately what it’s all about. Being more alive. And that’s how I know these 26 things are true.

So what now?

What do you know to be true? Not believe, KNOW.

I recommend starting your own list and putting things into your own words.

Revisit your list on a regular basis, be objective with yourself on a moment to moment basis, and live your truth. After all, why wouldn’t you? Living and cultivating what you really know just feels better.

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